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New site! What's new in 2021?
Any ideas for zpub.com?
Warning ... This site is pretty old and has not been maintained.
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Know of any Good places to eat in SF? Let us know so we can list here.

Seafood Station . Good Food, reasonable prices. 803 Cortland Ave San Francisco, CA 94110 415.655.3245
Dumpling Time @ Chase Center - good food, good value.
Basa Seafood Express . fresh sushi and more ... 3064 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110 415.550.2388
Las Isletas Restaurant . Great Salvadorian food. 4508 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94124 415.569.3248
Tato Restaurant . Interesting menu/reasonable prices . 4608 Third St, San Francisco, CA 94124 415.948.0974

Great SF Local Retail ...

G. Mazzei & Sons Hardware, Inc. 5166 Third St. SF CA 94124 ... They are the best! Old style Hardware store. A must see.
Gratta Wines - www.grattawines.com/ - 5299 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94124 415.872.9791 Barbara Gratta is Great. Amazing what they have done with the space - see it from the Williams and 3rd St. Walgreens/Muni T stop Williams. Check it out. Thry are a Wonderful addition to the neighborhood. Check out the website and drop in.
Cole Hardware www.colehardware.com - Several around the city. Great service.
Central Hardware centerhardware.com now at 3003 3rd St. San Francisco, CA 94107 415.861.1800. Great service and nice new store.
Discount Builders Supply discountbuilderssupplyca.com - One of the best sources of building materials in the City . Good service. 1695 Mission St @ 13th StreetSan Francisco, CA 94103 415.212.8077
Building Resources buildingresources.wordpress.com Great source of used/historic building materials 701 Amador Street, San Francisco, CA 415.285.7814 - buildingresourcessf@gmail.com

Services ...

Pernilla Perssons . for Photography pernillapersson.com
Mauricia . Faux Finishing/Murals/High quality painting 415 317-6549
Jim Appel . for tile and Bathrooms . 415.706.0908 appeltile.com
BRIAN MOORE . brianmooreart.com Hunters Point Shipyard - Studio 101-2517 ... Artist & Branding Expert. 415.305.8745 brianhmoore499@gmail.com
Square Two Design - Eddie Lee is Great! Websites - Graphics - Printmaking classes 415.632.6960

.... interesting websites/email lists ...

quillette.com - Intellegent writing
www.killthecablebill.com - from Helen Back ... makes sense to me ... We did it!
California Political Review - For another perspective on CA politics
freetochoosenetwork.org - a must see site . Created The Free To Choose series ... a colloboration between Milton Friedman and Bob Chitester.
Independent Institute - independent.org - For ideas about housing and other issues.
Another Reality Videos - By Claudio Moore - Warning - he is crazy ... but check out his youtube channel

Politics/Media/Government ... Warning not PC.

Memo to NY Times:
Get your act together and deliver the Paper - Last Sunday (10/25/2021) - No NYTimes delivery - no communication
No we are sorry email.
Memo to whoever is the running place: Get some competent people on your staff and improve your customer service/interface.
About your 1619 project ... do you really want Black kids for next 100 years to believe they are victims and have no agency about their lives?
Advice - get some reporters/writers that can actually THINK for themselves!
Ben Smith is one - but you need more like him.
Looks like Dave Philipps and Eric Schmitt hit a home run today (11/14/2021) with an article about the US Military doing War Crimes in Syria killing 70+ innocent humans and covering it up. Even the NSS folks were upset. Good going Dave and Eric.
Black Lives Matter? Only if a White cop kills a Black person.
Does not seem to matter if a Black Person kills another Black person?

The NYTimes and the rest of the Media Establishment seems intent on pushing the narrative that Blacks are mostly being killed by White Cops. Fake News NYTimes.
What about the White Australian Women that was killed by a Black Cop? No protests, nothing to see here.

To Governor Newsom:
Why do citizens of California sometimes wait 4 hours in line to renew their driver's licence? Do you?
In any business you would be fired by now.
Your friends are provided free cars and fat salaries being on state boards.
You party with your friends and take no responsibility for a State goverment that does not work.
You are completely incopetent - yet those in your party - The Dems - keep on enriching themselves at taxpayer expense.

Barack H. Obama (P44) gets the The Nobel Peace Prize for 2009.
A new book on the 2012 presidential campaign claims that President Barack Obama told aides that he is "really good at killing people."
Memo to the Nobel Peace Prize Folks:
Why exactly did you award your 2009 Peace Prize to P44?
What do you think about it now? Any regrets? . Love to get a reply.

Memo To: P42/P43/P44 and Rudy Giuliani - you all know what happended to building 7 on 911 - - when are you going to come clean and tell us what really happened?

Special Note to P43: How were those flights (and island visits) with Jeffrey Epstein?

Some in San Francisco want to recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin ... Saying that he is not doing his job of dealing appropriately with those who commit crimes in the City .
Boudin has been accused of regularly handing down lenient sentences, releasing criminals early only to commit more crimes. You have blood on your hands Boudin.
My issue with Boudin is that he takes no responsibility for HIS ROLE in the deaths of 2 Asian Women - 27-year-old Hanako Abe and 60-year-old Elizabeth Platt. Article About
recallchesaboudin.org . Recall Chesa Boudin | PO Box #590059, Stop the Injustice, San Francisco, CA 94159 office@recallchesaboudin.org

Thank God for Trump - at least he stopped the Bill/Hillary Clinton political Dynasty and kept us from having Hillary declared "The First Woman President". God Bless Trump for saving us from more of the Clintons.
Now to P44 ... Did you realize P44 when you insulted Trump at the Reporters dinner that you would be followed by him? And what about going from 20K troops in Afghanistan to 100K? Do you as Commander In Chief still think that was a good idea? Do you ever reflect on the possibility that you possibly messed up Big Time and a lot of people died as a result? At least P46 had the Guts to finally end it.

Hunter Biden (son of VP44/P46) gets $80K/month from a Ukrainian oil Company while VP44 is running the Ukrainian account for P44. Did P44 know about this? Nothing illegal here ... but it smells like bribery to me.
Even Zuck covered it up!
Why did the the folks at The NYTimes not cover?
Who is now buying Hunter Biden Art? Foreign Governments and Large Corporations?
Again ... nothing illegal here ... but again to The NYTimes: Got the Guts to cover?
Looks like The NYTimes has become All the News that the NSS wants you to know.

Rachel Maddow - Adam Schiff - Random House ... A match made in Hell.
Contact: Madeline McIntosh CEO Penguin Random House 1745 Broadway New York, NY 10019


Jeff B and Amazon are great! ... redefining retail and what it means to serve customers.
Walmart 2 weeks, amazon next day.
Wayfair.com is also a quality source of furniture and more.
A submission from Marcie Young (Tolleson, AZ) . Top 8 Reasons More Women Should Have Gun Ownership . A Woman's Opinion
From CM ... Rich Lowry: San Francisco becomes the shoplifting capital of the USA .
Oh well ... What are you going to do about it Nancy Pelosi /Diane Feinstein/ Mayor London Breed/DA Chesa Boudin/ SF Police Chief William "Bill" Scott?
I am against the Gov(state/local/Feds) killing people (i.e. Death Penalty) because I do not trust the system . Too many innocent people serving time for stuff they did not do. The Innocence Project
But if you see someone breaking into your car (or trying to steal it) and you have access to a gun and know how to use it. I say Kill the fucker and take them out of the breading gene pool. What about the guy in Oakland CA that was just killed while trying to help a women not get her car stolen.
There are people in our society that only want criminals to have access to guns... You know who you are.
And to SF Mayor Breed/Governor Newsom/P46/P44/Nancy Pelosi ... you all have armed guards protecting you at taxpayer expense.
What about the rest of us?
And Last but not least, No Gov should make laws telling a Women what she should do with her Body, Period!

The Zuck files ...

Love having a site that you - Mr. Zuck do not get to take down at your whim.
And Fuck your workers that want to control what we read/see. Got the guts to fire them Mr. Zuck?
Zuck - have you heard of the 3rd Pillar of Islam - Zakat? What do you do with all your excess $$?
What are your dreams like?
Memo To Mr. Zuck: Please Have your Fucking suck ass name removed from SF General ASAP.
Feel free to contact me at my private Zuck Hot line at Zuck@zpub.com
And how do you like your 9 mil+$ house @ 3466 21st St. in San Francisco, CA 94110? By the way - how many houses do you own? While people live on the street you have more houses that you can possibly use. What is wrong with this picture?
Do you spend much time in your SF house(s)? Am I ever going to be invited to a party? Love your 21st St neighborhood.
... thinking of opening the Zuck/Suck/Fuck (ZSF) a Burger Joint (ZSF Burgers$) with lots of Horseradish, pickles and secret sauce. . (First use 11/13/2021) ... But think IN/OUT Burger is still a more catchey name ... besides they offer Great Value.
Memo to >>> Mr. Zuck:
Please ask SF General to take your name off the place. You are an arrogant prick to even want your suck ass name (Zuck-a-burger) on the place. What are you doing with your billions to make the world a better place?
I say give 1 million$ each to The Graphics Arts Workshop, Shaping San Francisco and the Free to Choose Network - and then Lets Talk. You would not even break a sweat doing that with all the $$$ you have ... And you would be making San Francisco and the World a better place.
I am not suggesting that you give more to the US Federal Government - who seems to only want to spend money on more $13 Billion aircraft carriers and $600 toilet seats. Bernie & the crowd seem to think that the gov needs to tax the rich more ...
Memo to Bernie: Do you really think the US Gov spends its money wisely?
The Afgan War ... Was that a good investment of US taxpayer dollars?
How much Fed gov do we really want?
And then there is Pelosi - Who only seems to care about her SALT friends who want to deduct all their state and Local taxes off their US Fed Gov Taxes.
Message to Pelosi: You are Old - Time to retire. You are Beyond Your Sell by Date.
Nancy Pelosi Buys a $25 Million Mansion in Florida . Real or false?

If you have extra money to donate Consider sending to:
** Graphic Arts Workshop: graphicartsworkshop.org founded in 1952 by faculty and artists from the California Labor School.
GAW 2565 3rd St. #305 San Francisco, CA 94107 415-285-5660 . Great website Eddie. Check out: Square Two Design
** Free To Choose Network . freetochoosenetwork.org .
Free To Choose Network
2002 Filmore Avenue, Erie, PA 16506
** Shaping San Francisco: www.shapingsf.org .
518 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110

How am I doing with web publishing? Let me know ... Send email to my direct line . bob@zpub.com.
Thanks to All and hope everyone is having a Great and/or Profitable Day. Let's all get rich quick and enjoy our lives to the max. Be nice to each other and create a world where nice is the norm. And to kids (and Parents of kids) get the Fucking off the computers and relate face to face with each other as normal human beings
As for The Zuck/Suck/GavinN/P46handlers/Nancy/P43/P44/Nobel Peace Folks ... hope you are all are miserable until you responded to me.
Love all you Amazon delivery folks & USPS workers wherever you are.
Love the USPS and HATE anyone who uses the term "Snail Mail".
It is as bad in my book as White folks using the N word.
Long live the Empire of Norton I