About zpub.com

Zpub.com was first registered on 05-Apr-1995 by Z Publishing. Over the years many people have contributed to the creation and expansion of this site. There is no one central agenda, but contributors tend to be free spirited and interested in providing material not available elsewhere. Many have contacted us with additional material to enhance the usefulness of pages already started. Authors such as Bruce Seymour have contributed the notes that he used in writing his biography of Lola Montez. Other book authors such as J. Kingston Pierce have contributed book chapters to this site. Ron Filion used this site to archive his extensive collection of source material relating to San Francisco History. Over the years we have created forums, which allow questions and contributions from numerous sources. Some pages were started as experiments - and are no longer being updated - others continue to grow with new information. Thanks to all who have contributed. We welcome comments and corrections to any material hosted on this site.

We are based in San Francisco, California.