About zpub

Zpub was started in 1995 as an experiment in web publishing. Many of the pages here are now out of date and have not been updated. Some of the pages – such as the Unofficial Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Pope made it to the top on Google searches but are no longer the best source of information on their topics. Other pages such as The San Francisco history Index still provide valuable links but are not being actively maintained and one may find more useful information at Wikipedia.

We still support the project of fixing the MUNI and trying to get the SFMTA to take MUNI seriously. It seems that SFMTA is only interested in bike lanes and parking meters. They seem to lack core competency in transportation planning and appear to be doing everything they can to make San Francisco a miserable city to live and get around in. Who’s idea was it to getting rid of free parking on Sundays? How about free MUNI on Sunday?

Other past zpub Projects are listed here. Mari is still maintaining zrants at zpub.com.

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