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Fix the MUNI

The Problem: "The waiting. The crowds. The delays. The breakdowns. The Muni. San Francisco's embattled public transit system seemingly can do no right..." -- MUNI -- Hell on rails @examiner.com The mayor promised to fix MUNI: ``As mayor, I will place a robust, expanding Muni at the top of the city's priority list where it belongs." [SFChron]
Emilio R. Cruz Since 1996 Director of Public Transportation (MUNI). Emilio R. Cruz
Our comments
  • Quick Guide to MUNI Issues (21-Oct-97)
  • MUNI Notes #1 - bunching buses and Other MUNI issues
  • MUNI Notes #2 - The state of the MUNI - September 1997

    Phasing out diesel buses and adding Satellite Tracking are both good ideas.

  • What can you do?
    1. Call the mayor's office 415-554-6141 (more contacts)
    2. EXAMINER TIP LINE: (415) 777-7972 or e-mail muni@examiner.com
    3. Help Rescue MUNI
    4. Add to our list of MUNI Horror Stories (and Great Rides)
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