Memo to Jeff B:

First off – is a Wonderful creation and a challenge to all Retail.  In my mind you deserve every last Billion$ of your net assets.  You and your Team have created something that works and Delivers.

And I say Fuck You to Bernie & Elizabeth who want to use the USFEDGOV to take your money to build more 13 Billion Dollar Aircraft Carriers.

Most of the people that I know that are working in the amazon ecosystem seem pretty happy.  Our regular delivery driver is Great.  His only complaint is that they have reduced his hours so he cannot be sure he has a constant income stream.  Apparently amazon pay for delivery folks is above the average – and you certainly have an above average driver in the human that delivers to us.

But am curious – what is life like, Mr. B … with all the Billions?

Like most humans our basic needs are Food, shelter and Friends we can trust and that give a shit about us.   What is it like to be a multibillionaire?

If you are ever in San Francisco … give me a call … our place is full of stuff from  I could also introduce you to 1930’s retail that would be hard to replicate.

Posted 4/4/2022