Memo To The American Security Services and the American People

The Blood is on your hands.  Your push to expand NATO close to Russia is now bearing fruit – you have pushed Putins hand.  And real people are being killed.  You did not learn your lesson in the 20 year Afghanistan War where you used drones to kill wedding parties while enriching the corrupt government you propped up in Afghanistan.  And spent US taxpayer dollars to pay for lot of fancy condos in Dubai.

I am old enough to remember the Vietnam War (In Vietnam they call in the American War).  The US gov has still not cleaned up the toxic waste from Agent Orange.

I was young then … a college student at UCSB in Isla Vista and still remember the National Guard coming down Del Playa.  They even fucking killed an non protester on the steps of a retail establishment.  It’s when I lost All faith is in the goodness of the Federal Government of the United States of America.

And now after 20 years war in Afghanistan – and 8 Trillion in Taxpayer dollars – you do not confront your failures.

Even Obama got a “Nobel Peace Prize” for increasing the troop level in Afghanistan to 100K.   Now the 20K NSS folks in Washington paid for by the Fed Gov are busy preparing for a War with China.  I say Fuck you all.  I certainly do not want to pay taxes to pay for it all.  And the politicians from both Parties line their pockets and wonder why the American people are cynical about “their” government.

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