Enough is Enough

When sometimes Jewish groups go too far. They want "hate crime" laws but want to be free to spew hate for Palestinians, militia groups, Iranians, Serbians and anyone else they deem an enemy. They condemn Iran for supporting terrorism but make no mention when Mossad assassinates people in other countries. Apparently Mossad assassinations are ok. Is the current campaign against "hate crimes" and "terrorism" a smokescreen for Jewish organizations to maintain the power and control they have over the American press and US congress. Does the Anti-Defamation League cooperate with Mossad? Where does Jonathan Pollard fit in? Is there a Jewish conspiracy to make US foreign policy captive of Israel?

The American Jewish Committee
August 30, 1998

President Bill Clinton
The White House
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

We applaud your decisive actions against terrorist training bases in Afghanistan and a suspected chemical-weapons facility in Sudan. The attacks you ordered on these sites demonstrate to the agents and sponsors of international terrorism that America can and will defend its citizens and its interests, using the full powers at its command to strike at the infrastructure of terror anywhere in the world.

By these bold acts of self-defense, American forces have delivered a powerful response to the heinous bombings of the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. We know that U.S. intelligence agencies are continuing to investigate the destruction of our missions, and that you have put those responsible on notice that America will not hesitate to take further steps to punish our enemies and thwart future assaults on our countrymen. We encourage you to press on in this battle against terrorism - wherever it leads and, within the bounds of law and U.S. policy objectives, whatever it requires.

The agony of those victimized by similarly inspired terror in recent years here and in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Argentina, Egypt, Turkey, Algeria and in other lands - and of those murdered this month in Kenya and Tanzania - demands a stern response. It demands an ongoing determination to drive terror from our midst. Your retaliation against the terror network was an important step in a difficult and necessary campaign.

We know that this battle must be fought on many fronts - against states that harbor and sponsor terrorists, against groups here and abroad that support the terror movements - and that it requires cooperation among like-minded countries throughout the world. As your Administration wages this vital fight against terror, you will have our full support.

With respect and best wishes,

BRUCE M. RAMER President
DAVID A. HARRIS Executive Director

The American Jewish Committee
National Headquarters:
The Jacob Blaustein Building,
165 East 56 Street, New York,
(212) 751-4000

From the American Jewish Committee website - 17-Sep-99

The bombings of the U.S. embassies, Afghanistan and Sudan, and the war on terrorism

The U.S. war on terrorism is as doomed to failure as the war on drugs has been. "I think the American people need to know that we live in a world where by virtue of America's leadership to some degree, by virtue of a degree of fanaticism by some people, we will be targeted," declared National Security adviser Sandy Berger afterthe bombings of two U.S. African embassies and the U.S. bombings of Afghanistan and Sudan in August.

The verdict on Iran:

On April 10, defying Iran's repeated threats of reprisal, a German court found that the highest authorities in Tehran had ordered a gangland-style slaying in the middle of Europe. What had been common knowledge for years - that Iran not only supports terrorism throughout the world but orders acts of terror as an instrument of national policy - was proven in a court of law. On September 17, 1992, the victims were four critics of the Iranian regime, shot in cold blood while having dinner in Berlin's Mykonos Restaurant.

Source: American Jewish Committee website - 17-Sep-99

What about Mossad Assassinations?

Abbas Musawi

Feb. 16, 1992. An Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) helicopter attacked the automobile of Arab leader Abbas Musawi today in Lebanon. The Israeli helicopter fired rockets at the car and Mussawi and his family died a grsily death.

Burned alive alive along with Mussawi, was his wife Siham and their infant child. Two other cars carrying Mussawi's aides were also rocketed by the Israelis. When another automobile arrived to pick up the wounded survivors , the Israeli helicopter returned and destroyed the vehicle carrying the wounded.

"The opportunity to hit someone like Musawi does not present itself every day," an Israeli official inolved in the planning of the assassination said. In Jerusalem a senior Israeli adviser said Musawi's death "is good for Israel."
State-Sponsored Assassinations by Agents of the Israeli Government

Furious Canadian officials were scrambling to find out the truth behind the use of forged Canadian passports by two unsuccessful hitmen in Jordan last week in a failed assasssination attempt on a HAMAS leader. - Israeli Agents Use Forged Canadian Passports In Failed Mossad Assassination Attempt

It started late last week when Jordanian police arrested two men carrying Canadian passports in Amman. They were being held for questioning over an attack on Khaled Meshal, head of the political section of Hamas, the radical Islamic movement thought to be behind a series of suicide bombings in Israel. The attack, which Meshal survived, was an assassination attempt by the Israeli secret service, Mosad, according to Hamas....Their forged passports were in the names of Shawn Kendall (28) and Barry Beads (36). The real Shawn Kendall, who lives in Jerusalem, but was a native of Toronto, said he had talked to the embassy and explained he was an "innocent victim." He said his passport had expired. -Canada recalls ambassador from Israel over spies' use of forged passports

When History Asks
Who Stood Up
to Evil in Kosovo,
The Answer Will Be:

In this noble mission, NATO must prevail. What is at stake in Kosovo isn't oil or commerce or trading routes. What is at stages are basic principles: human rights, human dignity, the credibility of deterrence, collective security. With determination and courage, NATO weighed the difficult choices and chose to act because it was right, because the alternative would give tyrants a green light to terrorize civilian populations and destroy the fabric of international order.

Source: American Jewish Committee website - 17-Sep-99

Get real about the Kosovo thing - it was a colossal failure - stop supporting International violence.

US Foreign Policy Watch:
A Progressive View of the New World Order

Good terrorists and bad terrorists
In an April 30, 1998 report, the State Department listed Cuba amongst those nations alleged to "sponsor terrorism". Curious about this, I called up the department and was connected to "The Terrorism Desk", where a gentleman told me that Cuba was included because "They harbor terrorists."

"So does the United States," I replied. "The Cuban exiles in Miami have committed hundreds of terrorist acts, in the U.S. and abroad."

The official exploded. "Sir," he cried in a rising voice, "that is a fatuous remark and I will not listen to such nonsense!" Whereupon he hung up. It's always fascinating to observe how a True Believer reacts to a sudden, unexpected and unanswerable threat to his fundamental ideological underpinnings


Hamas issued its long-term goals in April 1994. The movement declared that it is not opposed to the principle of peace. In addition, it outlined a pragmatic policy position by declaring its willingness to cease military operation in the West Bank and Gaza, as long as the following conditions are met: 1) complete Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories; 2) disarming the settlers and dismantling the settlements; 3) placing international forces on the "green line" established in the occupied territories during the '48 and '67 wars; 4) free and general elections to determine true representation of the Palestinian people; and 5) the Council, which will be composed of electoral victors, shall represent the Palestinians in any negotiations that determine their future and that of the occupied territories. The Truth about Hamas

The destruction of some 6 million Jews by the Nazis and their followers in Europe between the years 1933-1945. Other individuals and groups were persecuted and suffered grievously during this period, but only the Jews were marked for complete and utter annihilation. The term "Holocaust" - literally meaning "a completely burned sacrifice" - tends to suggest a sacrificial connotation to what occurred. The word Shoah, originally a Biblical term meaning widespread disaster, is the modern Hebrew equivalent.

"The destruction of some 6 million Jews by the Nazis" - can anyone provide a link to document this statement?

the Mossad ("the Institution")

After last year's deadly Mahane Yehuda and Ben Yehuda Street terrorist bombings, the Mossad was given an order to go after the Hamas leaders who were behind the attacks. In September, a Mossad attempt on Hamas official, Khaled Meshal, who was living in Amman, Jordan, failed and was widely reported. The affair plunged Israel into political hot water with Jordan -- its friendliest Arab neighbour -- and forced it to free Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin in order to secure the release of the two Israeli agents held by the Jordanians. A government-appointed "clarification committee" chaired by Joseph Ciechanover, found that Mossad head Yatom was not personally responsible for the failure.

Next came the case of Yehuda Gil, a Mossad operative now retired. Gil admitted under interrogation that, ever since the late 1980s, he had been passing on false information to Israeli military intelligence. Much of Israel's regard to the Syrian threat may have been based on misinformation passed on by Gil.

And now the latest incident. Mossad agents were caught "in the act" as they were setting up wiretapping equipment on the lines of a Hizbullah contact in Bern, Switzerland. Four agents managed to escape, but one Mossad operative is still being held by Swiss authorities. Once again Israel's relations with a friendly nation were harmed by a failed operation
The Mossad - Secret Agents With Problems

Bungled Hamas Assassination Worst Mistake Ever for Mossad?

Most serious error since murder of innocent Moroccan waiter in Norway in 1973. It is widely accepted that Mossad agents have assassinated numerous Palestinians, including virtually everyone involved in carrying out the attack on the 1972 Munich Olympics which left 11 Israeli athletes dead.

Such a string of successes, from the Israeli point of view, were gravely tarnished in July 1973 when a group of agents in Lillehammer, Norway, murdered a Moroccan waiter who was mistaken for a Palestinian guerrilla leader.

At least two Mossad agents arrested in Norway in connection with the killing also used false Canadian passports, drawing a protest from the authorities in Ottawa.

history of Mossad ...

Israeli espionage predates statehood. During the British Mandate period, the three Jewish undergrounds developed effective intelligence services, most notably the Haganah's Shai. In the first half decade of statehood, Shai evolved into the dual structure that we recognize today as, the General Security Service (the GSS or "Shabak," its Hebrew acronym) for domestic operations, and the Mossad (literally "the Institution") for overseas spooking. Two other agencies garner less media attention, they are, Army Intelligence, which is by far the largest agency, and the Research Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to Janes Sentinel, these four bodies have 7,000 people on their combined payroll. The secret services' 1997 budget, inferred from other known uses of the budget reserve, in which this item is camouflaged, was around NIS 2.45b.

According to American assessments that Israel regularly protests, Israel spends as much effort probing the US as it does the Arab countries. Two matters are of interest: US policy and secret decisions pertaining to Israel, and defense related and industrial intelligence. In one report, the US General Accounting Office classified Israel (without naming it explicitly) as the American ally most aggressively engaged in defense technology scientific espionage against the US. In July 1996, the CIA identified Israel, France, China, Russia, Iran, and Cuba as the countries most active in illegal industrial espionage in (not "against") the United States.

Source: http://www.elicohen.com/

Mossad :
[ Operation Caesarea ]

The story of the successful assassination of Islamic Jihad terrorist Fathi Shqaqi in Malta ... Within 24 hours all Mossad operatives that had taken part in the operation were back in Israel including 2 "cleaners" that had sanitised the Valletta safe house.

Good Riddance ...

A perfect operation. Congratulations, Mossad!

Source: http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/6115/
A Jewsih hate website? on geocities, no less!

Israeli Mossad agents operating in Jordan have reporedly left Amman upon orders from King Hussein who demanded that all Mossad activities in the kingdom be brought to an end in the aftermath of the failed assassination attempt on Hamas political leader in Amman, Khaled Mishal. Jordan Kicks Mossad out and Yatom to take fall for Netanyahu

Mossad supported South Africa’s apartheid regime when no one else would, and provided arms and training for such murderous leaders as Idi Amin of Uganda, Papa (and Baby) Doc of Haiti, Augusto Pinochet of Chile, Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, Manuel Noriega of Panama, Nicolai Ceaucescu of Rumania, and the vicious Communist Dergue regime in Ethiopia.

In fact, because of such Mossad activities and its casual attitude toward the export of high tech weaponry, Israel sometimes finds itself on both sides of the same conflict. This has been the case in Sri Lanka, Cyprus and Bosnia. Such also has been the case with the Turks and the Kurds. This is further complicated by the fact that the divided Kurds themselves are sometimes on more than one side of an equation.
The Ostrovsky Files

Mossad was established in 1951 as an organisation which would identify and eliminate any external threats that may threaten the security of the state of Israel. Its full name is the Institute for Intelligence and Special Services (Mossad means "Institute").

At times, Mossad has had to use similar techniques as its enemies in its work. After the failed rescue of the members of the Israeli Athletes at the Munich Olympics of 1972, Mossad agents hunted down twelve suspects across the world and killed every one of them.
Roleprofile - Mossad

This is in response to Rachel Miller's letter in The Bruin ("Reality check," April 15) in reference to the Anti-Defamation League being an Israeli intelligence agency, and to David Altman's viewpoint ("Propaganda-driven mystery author twists facts," April 15) to the same effect.

Both of these were written in response to a viewpoint published in The Bruin on April 10 ("Anti-Defamation League infringes on civil liberties").

Although the Anti-Defamation League is not a "super-secret spy organization" in its own right, it has been known to actively and consistently cooperate with the Mossad (Israeli intelligence). This is detailed in a work ("The Other Side of Deception") written by an ex-Mossad katsa, or case officer, by the name of Victor Ostrovsky. If you choose not to believe me, read the book yourself.
Mossad's actions do not represent beliefs of all Jews worldwide

For years Sharon has been the pre-eminent spymaster conducting espionage against the United States. Sharon ran Rafai Eitan who ran the Jonathan Pollard spying operation. More recently, Sharon ran agents who interacted with Hillary Rodham Clinton and Vince Foster.

Whether these agents were actually involved in the hit on Vince Foster is a matter still under investigation. But there is no question of their active participation in the cover-up of Foster's murder.

An undocumented Israeli driving a stolen truck recently attempted to run one Foster investigator off the road. Fortunately, someone shot out the truck's front tire, and it jackknifed across the interstate. The Israeli driver ended up with a broken neck while the investigator was unscathed.

The Mossad's most valued asset in the U.S., Sharon's man in Chicago, is said to have fallen down and scratched his knee. The Mossad's man in Brooklyn, who normally orders the hits, is said to have received a visit describing the advantages of returning to Israel. The Mossad's man in Miami spontaneously departed on a long vacation.

Shahak cites evidence that much of Israel nuclear capability had been acquired through espionage directed against the U.S. (The following reference to "Critical Mass" is to a book called Critical Mass by William E. Burrows and Robert Windrem.)

Shahak goes on to quote Oren with respect to Jonathan Pollard: ". . . 'a Navy Intelligence employee, Jonathan Pollard, was caught red-handed while passing on to Israel precisely this kind of information which Inman had decided to withhold from Israel. . . . And interpreted likewise as coincidental were the links connecting Rafi Eitan, then the chief of the 'Office for Scientific Contacts' (LEKEM [also transliterated as LAKAM]), who employed Pollard, with the [Israeli] Defense minister, Ariel Sharon, who had appointed Eitan and who rushed to Washington in order to complain against Inman and his orders.'.... Eitan ran Pollard with the explicit approval of four Defense ministers and Prime Ministers, concretely Arens, Rabin, Shamir and Peres.'"
Vince Foster Questions Continue

First described by the Western media as a "paranoid fantasy of Hamas" the attempted Mossad assassination of Arab activist Khaled Meshal, in which Jewish agents carrying Canadian passports sprayed a poisonous gas into his ear, is already regarded as one of the most embarrassing incidents in the history of a service known for its homicidal efficiency, though Jewish newspapers such as the NY Times have omitted all news of the breaking story from their Oct. 4 and Oct. 5 editions.
The Israeli Prime Minister Orders a Murder

Victor Ostrovsky, a former Israeli Mossad agent and now best-selling author, became internationally famous in 1990 when he published his first book By Way of Deception, which documented the outrages committed by the Israeli secret service.

The Mossad, considered by intelligence experts to be the most ruthless spy agency in the world, doesn't take kindly to defectors, and Ostrovsky's life has been in danger ever since he went public with his first blockbuster book.

Last year Ostrovsky brought out his second explosive expose The Other Side of Deception, creating a furore in the Zionist state when excerpts were published in the largest Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot.
Ex-Mossad Agent Speaks Out
Tells of the Mossad-Australia Connection

The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinian People
"One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail."
-- Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994

In 1996 the ADL praised the prison sentence meted out to an American publisher in Germany: "ADL today said it was gratified that a German court sentenced American...Gary Lauck to four years in prison for...disseminating anti-Semitic...hate material."
Fact Sheet on the ADL

The ADL is "...one of the ugliest, most powerful pressure groups in the U.S...Its primary commitment is to use any technique, however dishonest and disgraceful, in order to defame and silence and destroy anybody who dares to criticize the Holy State ('Israel')." --Noam Chomsky

The Mossad's legacy of ruthless precision has been well-documented in many books, from former Mossad operative Victor Ostrovsky's "By Way of Deception" to Joshua Horesh's "An Iraqi Jew in the Mossad." Despite the Mossad's international notoriety, however, outsiders such as Thomas have rarely been able to penetrate its tightly guarded secrets.

And now they want Jonathan Pollard released! Wonder if Bill Clinton will give the Jewish groups what they want. This is will be the real test of how much control Jews have over US politics.

Are they now trying to demonize China to spring Pollard?
They say "Wen Ho Lee stole American information on nuclear warheads for China" without any evidence. And Jewish organization wonder why peole are suspicious ...

Do all these people really support the American Jewish Committe as well at the actions of Mossad?

We stand with Israel - - in grief, in solidarity, in our resolve to fight terrorism.

Rep. Neil Abercrombie Hawaii Sen. Spencer Abraham Michigan Rep. Gary L. Ackerman New York Gov. George Allen Virginia Rep. Robert E. Andrews New Jersey Mayor Dennis W. Archer Detroit Dr. Don Argue, President National Association of Evangelicals Rep. Bob Barr Georgia Rep. Thomas M. Barrett Wisconsin Mayor Marion Barry Washington, D.C. Rep. Herbert H. Bateman Virginia Rep. Howard L. Berman California Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Archbishop of Chicago Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. Delaware Prof. Thomas E. Bird Queens College David Blewett Executive Director National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel Rep. Thomas J. Bliley Jr. Virginia Rep. Robert A. Borski Pennsylvania Prof. David M. Bossman Seton Hall University Sen. Barbara Boxer California Sen. Bill Bradley New Jersey Rep. Sherrod Brown Ohio Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. San Francisco Rep. Sam Brownback Kansas Rep. John Bryant Texas Rev. Alfred S. Burnham Ecumenical & Interreligious Director Archdiocese of Los Angeles Right Rev. John Burt President National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel Rep. Dave Camp Michigan Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell Colorado Mayor Bill Campbell Atlanta Del. Eric Cantor Virginia Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin Maryland Gov. Mel Carnahan Missouri David Chen Executive Director Chinese American Planning Council Mayor Emanuel Cleaver II Kansas City Sen. William S. Cohen Maine Robert E. Cooley, President Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Dr. James H. Costen, President Inter-Denominational Theological Center Rep. William J. Coyne Pennsylvania Rep. Randy Cunningham California Sen. Alfonse M. D'Amato New York Rep. Pat Danner Missouri Sen. Thomas A. Daschle South Dakota Senate Minority Leader Rep. Thomas M. Davis III Virginia Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro Connecticut Rep. Peter Deutsch Florida Guarione M. Diaz, President Cuban American National Council Rep. Julian C. Dixon California Sen. Christopher J. Dodd Connecticut Sr. Audrey Doetzel, N.D.S. Sisters of Our Lady of Zion Rep. Lloyd Doggett Texas Sen. Robert Dole Kansas Senate Majority Leader Most Rev. John F. Donoghue Archbishop of Atlanta Rep. Michael F. Doyle Pennsylvania Rev. Robert F. Drinan, S.J. Georgetown University Law Center Rev. James M. Dunn Executive Director Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs Rev. Nicholas B. van Dyck President Religion in American Life Clint Eastwood Actor/Director, Los Angeles Gov. Jim Edgar Illinois Rep. Eliot L. Engel New York Gov. John Engler Michigan Dr. Paul Eppinger Executive Director Arizona Ecumenical Council Rep. Anna Eshoo California Rev. Dr. Robert A. Everett Pastor, Emanuel United Church of Christ, Irvington, New Jersey Sen. Dianne Feinstein California Juan A. Figueroa, President and General Counsel, Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund Rep. Thomas M. Foglietta Pennsylvania Rep. Mark Foley Florida Dr. James Forbes Jr. Senior Minister Riverside Church of New York Rep. Michael P. Forbes New York Ken Foster, Chair Palm Beach County Commission Rep. Jon D. Fox Pennsylvania Rep. Barney Frank Massachusetts Rep. Gary A. Franks Connecticut Rep. Rodney P. Frelinghuysen New Jersey Rep. Dan Frisa New York Henry Louis Gates Jr., Chairman Department of African American Studies, Harvard University David Geffen DreamWorks SKG, Los Angeles Rep. Sam Gejdenson Connecticut Rep. Richard A. Gephardt Missouri House Minority Leader Rep. Benjamin A. Gilman New York Rep. Newt Gingrich Georgia Speaker of the House Mayor Rudolph Giuliani New York Gov. Parris N. Glendening Maryland Rep. William F. Goodling Pennsylvania Rep. Bart Gordon Tennessee Joseph E. Gore President and Executive Director Kosciuszko Foundation Sen. Slade Gorton Washington Dr. Alfred Gottschalk Chancellor Hebrew Union College Sen. Bob Graham Florida Mayor Nancy Graham West Palm Beach Sen. Phil Gramm Texas Gov. Bill Graves Kansas E. Brandt Gustavson, President National Religious Broadcasters Right Rev. Ronald H. Haines Episcopal Bishop of Washington, D.C. Rep. Tony P. Hall Ohio Rep. Lee H. Hamilton Indiana Mayor Susan Hammer San Jose Rep. James V. Hansen Utah Rep. Jane Harman California Mayor Elihu Harris Oakland Rev. Linda B. Harter Rev. Dr. William H. Harter Presbyterian Church of Falling Spring Chambersburg, Pennsyvania Rep. Alcee L. Hastings Florida Sen. Orrin G. Hatch Utah Dr. John W. Healey, S.T.D. Director, Archbishop Hughes Institute, Fordham University Sen. Howell Heflin Alabama Sen. Ernest F. Hollings South Carolina Rep. Stephen Horn California Dean Joseph C. Hough Jr. Vanderbilt Divinity School Rep. Steny H. Hoyer Maryland Most Rev. Howard J. Hubbard Bishop of Albany Rep. Tim Hutchinson Arkansas Archbishop Iakovos Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America Sen. Daniel K. Inouye Hawaii Rep. Tim Johnson South Dakota Rep. Harry Johnston Florida Elaine R. Jones, Director-Counsel, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund Sen. Nancy Landon Kassebaum Kansas Jeffrey Katzenberg DreamWorks SKG, Los Angeles Sr. Dorothy Ann Kelly, O.S.U. President, College of New Rochelle Rep. Sue W. Kelly New York Hon. Jack Kemp Washington, D.C. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy Massachusetts Rep. Barbara B. Kennelly Connecticut Sen. John F. Kerry Massachusetts Rev. Diane C. Kessler Executive Director Massachusetts Council of Churches Rep. Peter T. King New York Rep. Gerald D. Kleczka Wisconsin Rev. Kenneth Kliever Region Minister, American Baptist Churches of the Pacific Southwest Rep. Scott L. Klug Wisconsin Rep. Joseph Knollenberg Michigan Sen. Herbert H. Kohl Wisconsin Dr. Norman Lamm, President Yeshiva University Rev. Richard Land President, Christian Life Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention Rep. Tom Lantos California Rep. Tom Latham Iowa Rep. Greg Laughlin Texas Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg New Jersey Rep. Rick Lazio New York Rev. Christopher M. Leighton Executive Director Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies Most Rev. William J. Levada Archbishop of San Francisco Sen. Carl Levin Michigan Rep. John Lewis Georgia Dr. David A. Lewis President, Christians United for Israel Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman Connecticut Brother James A. Liguori, C.F.C., President, Iona College Archbishop Oscar H. Lipscomb Archdiocese of Mobile Rep. Nita M. Lowey New York Gov. Michael Lowry Washington Sen. Connie Mack Florida Dr. W. Eugene March Dean, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Bernard Marcus President and CEO The Home Depot, Atlanta Rep. Frank R. Mascara Pennsylvania Dr. Prema Mathai-Davis National Executive Director YWCA of the U.S.A. Rep. Robert T. Matsui California H. Carl McCall Comptroller of New York Most Rev. Theodore E. McCarrick Archbishop of Newark Rev. Nancy H. McCarthy, St. Gregory's Episcopal Church, Boca Raton Rep. Karen McCarthy Missouri Rep. Bill McCollum Florida Rep. Paul McHale Pennsylvania Rep. Cynthia McKinney Georgia Msgr. John R. McMahon St. Joan of Arc Roman Catholic Church, Boca Raton Rep. Marty Meehan Massachusetts Rep. Carrie P. Meek Florida Hon. Thomas Patrick Melady Former Ambassador to the Vatican; President Emeritus, Sacred Heart University Rep. Jack Metcalf Washington Rep. Jan Meyers Kansas Hon. Kweisi Mfume President, and CEO, NAACP Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski Maryland Rep. Dan Miller Florida Gov. Zell Miller Georgia Luis A. Miranda, President Hispanic Federation of New York City Rep. James P. Moran Virginia Rep. Constance A. Morella Maryland Dr. Milton D. Morris Vice President of Research Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun Illinois Edward J. Moskal, President Polish American Congress Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan New York Sen. Patty Murray Washington Rep. Jerrold Nadler New York Rep. George R. Nethercutt Jr. Washington Rev. Richard John Neuhaus Editor in Chief, First Things Most Rev. John J. Nevins Bishop of the Diocese of Venice, Florida Rep. David R. Obey Wisconsin Most Rev. Thomas J. O'Brien Bishop of Phoenix Rep. John W. Olver Massachusetts Andrew O'Rourke County Executive, Westchester County Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. New Jersey Mario J. Paredes Executive Director Northeast Hispanic Catholic Center Rep. Ed Pastor Arizona Gov. George E. Pataki New York Rev. John T. Pawlikowski O.S.M., Catholic Theological Union Sen. Claiborne Pell Rhode Island Rev. Kate Penfield President, American Baptist Churches (U.S.A.) Most Rev. Daniel Pilarczyk Archbishop of Cincinnati Jeanine Pirro Westchester County District Attorney Dr. Alvin Poussaint Director, Judge Baker Children's Center, Boston Hugh B. Price, President and CEO, National Urban League Mayor Roxanne Qualls Cincinnati Rep. Jim Ramstad Minnesota Rep. Charles B. Rangel New York Rep. Jack Reed Rhode Island Dr. Ralph Reed Executive Director Christian Coalition Mayor Norman B. Rice Seattle Mayor Edward G. Rendell Philadelphia Gov. Tom Ridge Pennsylvania Mayor Richard J. Riordan Los Angeles Rep. Pat Roberts Kansas Rep. Tim J. Roemer Indiana Gov. Roy Romer Colorado Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Florida Bishop Catherine S. Roskam Bishop Suffragan of New York Sen. William V. Roth Jr. Delaware Fred Rotondaro Excutive Director, National Italian American Foundation Rep. Matt Salmon Arizona Sen. Rick Santorum Pennsylvania Rep. Thomas C. Sawyer Ohio Rep. Jim Saxton New Jersey Rep. Steven Schiff New Mexico Rev. Theodore F. Schneider Bishop, Metropolitan Washington, D.C., Synod, ELCA Dr. Ismar Schorsch, Chancellor Jewish Theological Seminary of America Rep. Patricia Schroeder Colorado Mayor S.J. Schulman White Plains Rep. Charles E. Schumer New York Rep. E. Clay Shaw Jr. Florida Dr. Franklin Sherman Director, Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding Muhlenberg College Dr. James M. Shuart, President Hofstra University Sen. Paul Simon Illinois Rep. David E. Skaggs Colorado Rep. Ike Skelton Missouri Rev. Gary F. Skinner Synod Executive, Synod of the Southwest, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Rep. Louise McIntosh Slaughter New York Rep. Linda Smith Washington Sen. Olympia J. Snowe Maine Sen. Arlen Specter Pennsylvania Rep. John M. Spratt Jr. South Carolina Ann Stallard, National President YWCA of the U.S.A. David Steinberg President, Long Island University Rep. Louis Stokes Ohio Rep. Gerry E. Studds Massachusetts Rep. Bart Stupak Michigan Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan Auxiliary Bishop, Diocese of Brooklyn Right Rev. William E. Swing Episcopal Bishop of California Rep. Charles H. Taylor North Carolina Rep. Frank Tejeda Texas Dr. David A. Teutsch, President Reconstructionist Rabbinical College Sr. Rose Thering, O.P. National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel Bishop Herbert Thompson Jr. Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio Rep. Todd Tiahrt Kansas Rep. Peter G. Torkildsen Massachusetts Rep. Esteban E. Torres California Rep. Robert G. Torricelli New Jersey Rep. Edolphus Towns New York Dr. Stephen Joel Trachtenberg President George Washington University Prof. Albert Truesdale Nazarene Theological Seminary Rep. Nydia M. Velazquez New York Dr. James L. Waits Executive Director, Association of Theological Schools in the U.S. and Canada Dennis M. Walcott, President New York Urban League Rep. James T. Walsh New York Rep. Zach Wamp Tennessee Rep. Mike Ward Kentucky Rep. J.C. Watts Jr. Oklahoma Rep. Henry A. Waxman California Mayor Wellington E. Webb Denver George Weigel, President Ethics and Public Policy Center Gov. William F. Weld Massachusetts Rep. Curt Weldon Pennsylvania Sen. Paul Wellstone Minnesota State Sen. Robert Wexler Florida Prof. Roger Wilkins George Mason University Gov. Pete Wilson California Rep. Robert E. Wise Jr. West Virginia Rev. R. Stewart Wood Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan Rep. Albert Wynn Maryland Rep. Sidney R. Yates Illinois Amb. Andrew Young Atlanta Rep. C.W. Bill Young Florida Raul Yzaguirre, President and CEO, National Council of La Raza Rep. Richard A. Zimmer New Jersey
Partial list of signatories

If Enough is Enough, the American Jewish Committee needs to stop it's lies and double standards. If it is ok for Mossad to kill people - then it is ok for everyone else to kill people. And cut out the "hate" line - there is already too much hate in the Jewish groups today. Physician, heal thyself.

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