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Don't think this is the briefing the National Security people are giving Obama nor what those paying $40,000 to meet Obama at a fundraiser are telling him. It appears to me that Obama is out of touch with what many people in the country and the world are feeling. Here is a stab at alternative briefing.

Obama - face it you are incompetent as a manager. You picked the people to develop the gov website – they delivered a substandard product. Own the problem – you picked people that could not deliver. That makes you incompetent. Own it. Reflect on what you did wrong and stop hiding behind your media spinners. Embrace the moral high ground of Snowden. People from all over the world and in the business community can see how ineptly you are doing the job you were elected to do. Bush never promised “change you can believe in” so we were not surprised with all the killing and violence he brought on the world – but people had hope that you would be better – and are sadly disappointed. My advice - start talking honestly.

A President who has lost his way. Does he really want the job?

Here is what I would say to Obama if I had the chance. Thoughts and reactions are welcome.

First of all stop going after Snowden. He has done the country a huge favor by giving us a chance to see and openly discuss some of the things that the government is doing supposedly on our behalf. Remember the line we were taught in school – “by the consent of the governed”. How can people give consent if they don't have a clue about what is going on? Snowden should be celebrated as a hero for standing up for the principle that the people deserve to have a chance to know what “their” government is doing on their behalf. This is a battle for the moral high ground - one that you have lost and should consider joining the side of the American people against those in the National Security State and the companies that make money selling equipment to spy on people. The No Fly List also needs a serious review and more transparency.

Then there is the issue of bugging Angela Merkel’s phone. I don’t see how you can win on this one. Either you knew about it or you didn’t. If you knew and approved we have to question your morals and judgment. How would you react if Merkel was bugging one of your phones? If you did not know, then you clearly are not running the place and you look like a puppet and we are left wondering who is really running the show. Which is it? The public has a right to know.

The Affordable Care Act. People say this is your signature achivement yet it seems to be having a rocky rollout. I would think that getting this right would be a high priority on your part. Do you see yourself as having any responsibility for what happened? One can see that you are not a seasoned manager but one wonders why you did not have people on this project that were capable of making this work smoothly.

Also give up the line that since you won the election you get to have your way. The Republicans won a majority in the House and according the constitution appropriations have to be passed by both houses of congress. By forcing bills through congress without bipartisan support you did a lot to create the present mess– so own it and stop whining.

The drones. You seem to be saying that you reserve the right to order the execution of anyone anywhere in the world on your say so. Do you feel there should be any limits on your ability order the killing of people? If so, I have not heard a clear statement of what you see are the limits of your authority. See Drone Killings at the Huffington Post. Have you read The Drone That Killed My Grandson by Nasser al-Awlaki in the NYTimes? Isn't he at least owed a reply? From a moral perspective, it could be argued that Nasser al-Awlaki would have every right to hire someone to kill you. Beyond the moral issue one has to wonder if this is smart policy unless your goal is to enlarge the group of people dedicated to killing Americans. My sense that that you simply cannot kill your way out of this. I wonder if Americans are really comfortable with the idea of the US government sending drones all over the world terrorizing people. Just because you can, does not mean it is a wise policy.

Deportations. Where are you at with this? Reports say that you have expanded ICE incarcerations and deportations beyond even Bush levels. Where are you at with this? Why are you holding more people in prisons when you express the desire for more constructive solutions? And you need to find a way to stand up to those in congress that want to hold immigration reform hostage to the designs of the companies that see profit from further militarizing the border with Mexico. There are already too many corporations feeding off federal pork supported by both party’s insatiable desire for campaign contributions. Do you have the guts to really make inroads here?

Marijuana and the drug war. Voters in a number of states have voted for various levels of legalization of pot. Where is the United States government on this issue? Is the US government committed to taking taxpayer dollars to take actions against the will of the people in the various states that have passed such initiatives? Obama – you need provide a clear answer here. It is not acceptable to let the various government agencies do what they want while you pretend to be uninterested or above the issue. This issue cries out for leadership and encourage you to try to be a leader that people can feel good about. I know that these are tough issues that not everyone agrees on but a real leader is one who is brave enough to take bold moves based on what is right. Are you up to the job?

Capitalism, people and Jobs. Reflect on your role as President. There certainly are benefits to the capitalist model of corporations competing on price to offer products and services at the best value – but this gets corrupted when it becomes cost effective for corporations to “buy” politicians (in both parties) to steer business to their pet projects. Obama – do you have the guts to get in front of this issue? There is lots of talk about inequality – the rich getting ultra rich while the masses try to hang on to a decent lifestyle. Can you point to anything you have done to make life better for the majority of the population?

Susan Rice. She seems full of herself and could benefit from a little humility training. Most people do not respond well to arrogance and it does litte to further US interests when she comes off this way.

One piece of free advice. Encourage corporations to get rid of automated telephone answering machines and have at least one line that is answered by a real human. It will create jobs and lesson the aggravation people have in dealing with companies.

The Spin The Reality
The first Black President

Face it - Obama is 1/2 Black and 1/2 white and was raised by white people.


Heir to the Kennedy Legacy Remains to be seen. Obama has not been assassinated and no one has had a chance to construct a myth around him. The troop surge in Afghanistan and the rollout of Obamacare don’t look like examples of good judgment – not to mention the spying on the American people. What is a legacy based on? Leadership under fire dealing with lots of complex issues. Looks like the team around Obama is not at the A list level.
change we can believe in Does anyone still believe in this?

To the Press: You are pathetic in covering Obama. Asking softball questions and leting him get away with reading talking points prepared by others is not quality journalism. Obama wanted the job - make him earn it.

This Page: The goal here is not to beat up Obama for what he did not deliver in his vision for creating "the change we can believe in" but to try to be helpful to him in in trying to be the great President that I think he truly wants to be. Drop us a line and tell us what you think - how we can make this page more helpful to Obama? send comments/suggestions to - richard at zpub.com

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