Bernie Apparently Agrees …

Bernie Sanders Rips Nancy Pelosi Over Dem ‘Hypocrisy’ On Proposed Tax Break For The Rich

“We’ve got to demand the wealthy start paying their fair share, not give them more tax breaks,” grumbled Sanders of the Build Back Better giveaway.
Nancy and her SALT Friends … just want to be able to deduct their State & local Taxes off their Fed Taxes.
But To Bernie … Do you really think the US Fed Gov spends it’s Funds from Taxes wisely? 
Was the Afgan war a Good use of Public Funds? 
How much should the US Gov Take from citizens of the Country?
I can see the point of view of The Rich$Why give any more to the US Gov? … and now You now want to put an extra Tax on Wealth …  Fuck you Bernie.  The Wage Slaves now pay most of the Taxes as well as the overpaid lawyers and politicians that Extract $$$ from Big corporations who want Tax laws that give them Tax breaks.
Where do you think the $$$ come from Mr. Bernie? 
Corps just raise prices to cover their Tax obligations. 
Have you read Milton Friedman & Free to Choose? 
Or are you a Stupid, Communist Nut that believes that The Fed can just Print Money without brining on Inflation? 
Have you ever started or run a Business where you actually had to make something that people want to Buy? Or a Service?
Or has your whole life been about being on the Gov Gravy Train?  
And Bernie, What do you think of Biden’s son Hunter getting $80K/month from a Ukrainian oil co while Biden is Obama’s VP? 
All Legal of Course. 
Got an answer Mr. B? 
Not to mention now that Hunter B is an Artist selling his “Work” for up to 1/2 mil to corporations and foreign governments. 
Looks like Legal Bribery to me. 
All Totally Legal. 
You are the Guys/Gals that Write and Pass the Laws that the Rich give you to Write and You Pass. 
What is Wrong with this Picture, Bernie?
Bernie lives in Burlington, Vermont with his wife Jane. He has four children and seven grandchildren.
What do you think Bernie?  Have written to you and have not yet received a reply. 
What is your personal Carbon Footprint Bernie? 
Will you actually reply to a letter sent by the USPS? 
Still waiting. Bernie.
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