On the Issue of Women – From a Male Perspective.

I was born Male … and as I understand it all Humans (Male/Female/It/They or Other) enter the World through a Woman’s Vagina.

I witnessed my Daughter coming out of her mother’s body – And she has now produced a child herself.  Amazing. Making me a Grandpa … The best of all possible Worlds … My Mother said how excited her Mother was when I was born – Now I get it!  The chance to witness a new life into the World.  Priceless. 

Politicians want to legislate what a Woman can do with Her Body – but my take is that No Gov (city/state/or Fed Gov) should ever make laws telling a Women what she should do with her Body, Period! 

Both Women and Men want to make “Laws” regulating what a Women can do with her Body.   I say Fuck off and go straight to Hell.  A women should have absolute and total control of Her Body.  

Conceiving and raising a Child is a lot of Work (The conceiving part is pretty easy and pleasurable from a Man’s point of view) – But raising a child requires a lot of Time/Money and Energy … and perhaps people should not do it unless they are Prepared to do the work and make the effort.

Kids brought into the world without Parents that give a shit about them are at a severe disadvantage. 

And my bias is that Kids benefit from positive Male and Female role models.

I certainly do not want to pay taxes to have the Gov bring up kids that Parents do not want to take care of.  I know that stuff happens and people die and there should perhaps be a safety net in a civilized Society –  but there needs to be some sense of responsibility before bringing kids into this World.  

Just some thoughts from a 71 year old White Guy. 

Peace and Love in 2022.

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