Wilfred Sätty


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One Man Shows:

Moore Gallery, San Francisco; 1968. Berkeley Gallery, San Francisco; 1970. Goethe Center, San Francisco; 1971.

Group Shows:

San Francisco Museum of Art; 1967. Moore Gallery, "Second Joint Show", San Francisco; 1968. Museum of New York City; 1969. Boston Museum of Fine Arts; 1969. Sun Gallery, San Francisco; 1969-1971 National Museum of Art, Belgrade, Yugoslavia; 1970. National Museum, Warsaw, Poland; 1970. Gary Standiford Gallery, San Francisco; 1970-1971. Richmond Art Center, California; 1971. Museum of Modern Art, New York; 1971. Arts and industry exhibition, San Francisco; 1971. Dr. Reidar Wennesland Art Collection (public Exhibition), San Francisco; 1971. Gallery: The Poster (with David singer), Los Angeles; 1972. Kristiansand Art Association, Norway; 1972. The Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco; April-June 1975. The artist has exhibited at many group shows of poster art not listed here.


The artist's studio, San Francisco; 1970.
Lecture for members of the Society for the Encouragement for Contemporary Art concerning "Art and the Electronic Media".

Berkeley Gallery, San Francisco; 1971.
Lecture about the artist' work for members of the San Francisco Museum of Art.

San Francisco Art Institute; 1971 and 1974.
Two lectures in printmaking and one lecture for students at the artist's studio.

College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland; 1974.
Lectures on "Photo and Printmaking" with slide show.

San Francisco State University, Art Department; 1974.
"Imagination vs. Media" with slide show.

San Francisco Museum of Art; 1974.
"Media and Poster Art" with slide show.

San Francisco State University, Literature Department; 1975.
"Composition" with slide show.

ART POSTERS (In color)

Published in the San Francisco Bay Area by: East Totem West 1967-1970. Four 22"x35" posters total edition: 170.000 posters. San Francisco Avion 1966-1969. Three 20"x26" posters, four 22"x35" posters, and one 58"x48" poster. Celestial Arts 1968- .... . Fourteen 22"x35" posters and one 20"x26" poster. Wespac 1967-1969. Four 22"x35" posters. Astro Posters 1968-1969. Three 22"x35" posters. Thofra 1970-.... . One 22"x35" poster.


"The committee" (San Francisco satirical theater), 22"x35". Santa Cruz rock poster 1968. 20"x26". "Northern Californians for McCarthy" 1968, 22"x35" . Ragtime fashion show poster with Mark Behrens 1971, 14"x22". Poster for the book "the Cosmic Bicycle" 1971, 20"x29".


"The wild west" (San Francisco art festival- 1968).


Earth Magazine, San Francisco 1972. Five color 22"x35" poster. Total edition: 350.000 posters. Organ, San Francisco 1971. One 17"x23" poster. Living Daylights, Australia 1974. One 16"x22" poster. Sunday Paper, San Francisco 1972. One 22"x30" poster.


Exhibition posters 16"x26": The Berkeley Gallery, San Francisco 1970. The Poster Gallery, Los Angeles 1972. The goethe Center Gallery, San Francisco 1971. "The Rolling Stones" concert poster 20"x29", Hawaii 1973. Fillmore concert posters 14"x21": two in 1970 and one in 1971. "McGovern Art Auction", San Francisco, 1972. One 16"x26" poster. "Roth for Governor of California" 14"x21", San Francisco, 1974.


Series of eight - four color greeting cards for East Totem West, Mill Valley, Ca. 1969. 4"x8" silk-screened cloth wall hangings, San Francisco, 1971. Wallpaper design 24"x8" for Environmental Graphics, Minneapolis, 1974.


Washington Post (Book World- syndicated Sunday supplement) 1973-1975- nine illustrations. Rolling Stone (26 issues) 1969-1975. Berkeley Barb, 1969. East Village Other, 1969. Organ (7), 1970. Oz Magazine, England (3 issues), 1971-1974. Clear Creek (10), 1971-1972. KPFA folio, 1971-1972. Ramparts (4), 1972. Communication Arts Magazine (2), 1972. Sunday Paper (illustrated in collaboration with David Singer), 1972. Equilibrium (5), 1973. Video City- Radical software (2), 1973. Living Daylights, Australia (2 illustrations from "Time Zone", 1974. Village voice, 1975.


Washington Post (book World syndicated Sunday supplement, 1973-1975: 1.The Sovereign State of ITT, by Anthony Sampson. 2.Gravity's Rainbow, by Thomas Pynchon. 3.Through Russian Eyes, by Anatolii Gromyko. 4.Richie, by Thomas Thompson. 5.Before Civilization, by Colin Renfrew. 6.The Clockwork Testament, by Anthony Burgess. California Living, Los Angeles, 1969. Two color posters as part of cover. The East Village Other, New York, 1969. Berkeley Barb, Berkeley, 1969. Two covers KPFA Folio, Berkeley 1972. Publisher's Weekly, New York, April 1975. The San Francisco Sunday Examiner And Chronicle, 1975.


"GHANDARVA", Beaver and Kraus; Warner Bros., 1971. Five color cover with David Singer. "The Occult", United Artists, 1973. A variety of interviews and music. Color cover and back plus 1 color and 12 black and white illustrations in booklet explaining the album. "The Miraculous Hump Returns from the Moon", The Sopwith Camel, Warner Bros, 1973. "Feel", George duke, MPS Records, 1974. Separate European release, MPS Records , 1975. "The Aura Will Prevail", George duke, HPS Records, 1975.


The Cosmic Bicycle: Straight Arrow Books, San Francisco, 1971. Limited hardbound edition, regular softbound edition. 160 9"x 12" pages. 79 black and white and 8 four color illustrations. Four color cover and back.

Time Zone: Straight Arrow Books, San Francisco, 1973. 9" x 12" softbound edition, 160 pages, 84 black and white illustrations. Three color cover and back. ISBN: 0879320281 0879320672 (pbk.)


Biafra Good-bye 1970
Rolling Stone book of days 1970-71
One eighty five 1973
The Axis of Eros 1973
Madness Network News Reader 1974
Monsters 1974
The Index of possibilities-Energy and Power 1974
The Rainbow book 1975
The Annotated Dracula 1975
The Hashish eater 1975
The illustrated Edgar Allan Poe 1976

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