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Probably one of the worst of Willie Browns appointments. The guy is both mean and arrogant - with little compassion for the poor and homeless.

"Further, and most egregiously, Mayor Willie Brown and Supervisor Rev. Amos Brown, together, have introduced and promoted the passage of new oppressive measures against homeless people: preventing begging for alms, making possession of a shopping cart a felony, forbidding homeless people from standing still on the sidewalks for more than five minutes, and now Rev. Amos Brown's latest efforts through the City Attorney's office to limit public comment sections at public hearings--thereby limiting the ability of advocates and homeless people to protest these oppressive measures" - SFLR NEWS-- 09 Oct 1999

If you've never heard this self affirming "man of god" (yes, he's a reverend!) bleat out his hate sermons before, he comes off sounding crazy and not just a little bit scary. Amos spits hate with the authoritarian delivery of a righteous preacher, and we are not talking about a great man like Dr. King here by a long shot, folks. KA$H FOR KART$

Just when you thought it was safe to drive through the streets, we find that a new threat arises, not from the thinning ranks of carjackers, but ... well ... from the fattening ranks of government-employed carjackers. That's the case in San Francisco where city Supervisor Amos Brown wants to give police the go-ahead to swipe the cars of folks who have never been convicted of a crime.

Brown on African American Buddhists ...

Some African American religious organizations are brazen in their open rebuke of African American Buddhists. In an article titled, "Buddha's all-American,” featured in San Francisco's July 11, 2001 issue of the East Bay Guardian Reverend Amos Brown is reported to believe that African Americans who leave their church to explore Eastern spiritualities are, quite simply, traitors. Brown is quoted as saying, “The Baptist church is synonymous with black history." It's important to note that Reverend Brown is a former San Francisco supervisor as well as senior pastor of Third Baptist Church of San Francisco - [From] Black Buddha: Living Without Fear

From a Bay Guardian interview with Amos Brown's therapist ...

Amos is fixated on feces and urine. That won't be a surprise to anyone who pays attention to his public statements: Almost every week he entertains his colleagues on the Board of Supervisors with another harangue against the homeless people and welfare recipients who he imagines are filling our streets with piss and shit.
BG: Where does this fixation come from?
There's a part of Amos that feels like a dirty little boy, that feels incredible shame and self-loathing. And those feelings are too much for Amos to tolerate. So he projects that dirtiness onto poor and homeless people – the most defenseless people in society. That enables him to say, "That's not me. I'm not the dirty one. I'm not the poor, unwanted, uncared-for one. I'm Supervisor the Reverend Amos Brown, and I'm a respected member of the community."

Appointed to the San Francisco board of Supervisors by Willie Brown.

Rev. Amos Cleophilus Brown Sr., the pastor of San Francisco's Third Baptist Church since 1976. Brief bio:

Brown received the A.B. degree from Morehouse College, a master of divinity from Crozer Theological Seminary and a doctor of ministry from United Theological Seminary. Under his leadership, the Third Baptist Church has sponsored more African refugees than any other local congregation in the nation and sponsored 80 children from Tanzania to receive heart surgery in the United States. He also has served as: a member of the board of San Francisco Community College; chairman of the National Baptist Commission on Civil Rights and Human Services; a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors; and a member of the governing board of the National Council of Churches of Christ. He is a recipient of the Martin Luther King Jr. Ministerial Award for outstanding leadership and contributions to the black church in America, and he recently served as a delegate to the 2001 United Nations Conference on Race and Intolerance in Durban, South Africa, representing the National Board of the NAACP. Source: speaker, Feb. 5

But he did have the guts to question the "war on terrorism"

"America, is there anything you did to set up this climate? America, America, what did you do, either intentionally or unintentionally, in the world Central America, in Africa...where bombs are still blasting? America, what did you do in the global warming conference, when you did not embrace the smaller nations? America, what did you do two weeks ago, when I stood at the world conference on racism, when you wouldn’t show up? Ohhh America, what did you do?" - speech at a Sept. 17, 2000 memorial service - Amos Brown and the Painful Truth

By Gina Alvarez

Amos Brown endorsed by Nancy Pelosi ?

wins the "Worst Liar" prize

After attacking poor people for most of the year, Sup. Amos Brown has now shifted his sights and launched an all out assault against tenants with a proposal which, he hopes, will mean the end of rent control. Working hand in hand with landlord lobbyist Jack Davis


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San Francisco does it - Amos Brown thrown out!

The results of the Dec 12, 2000 runoff election: - 11th district:

Gerardo Sandoval | 7,596 | 61.7
Amos Brown | 4,708 | 38.3


Mayor Willie Brown a big loser in city supervisor election