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A player on the world stage. Involved in the American cultural revolution of the 60's.  A world class artist. From the 1954 Los Angeles art and occult circles to the 60's San Francisco beat scene. Co-founded, with Allen Cohen, the "San Francisco Oracle". Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert (Ram Das), Ralph Metzner, Billy and Peggy Hitchcock, Maynard ferguson, Seymor Hersh, Huntington Hartford, Wilfred Sätty, Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsberg Jerry Rubin and Abby Hoffman have all passed through his life.

A Gallery of Bowen Art

Photo Album #2

LSD, daisies and the Pentagon Peggy Hitchcock gave Michael Bowen and friends money to purchase two hundred pounds of daisies for the occasion, but the plan never got off the ground because of a dirty trick by the FBI. Acid Dreams
Wilfred Sätty It was a cold day in February 1982 and the sun was going down over the bay casting its long shadows from the old military piers at Fort Mason onto the water and over the fishermen carrying their little buckets of the days bay catch.
Sätty is Dead By Michael Bowen
1937 Michael Bowen born in Beverly Hills California
Michael Bowen Time-line
At the Whitney Museum The 1995-96 Whitney Museum exhibition "beat culture and the new america, 1950 to 1965" honored michael bowen, allen ginzberg, jackson pollack  william burroughs,  edward kienholz  jim dine bruce conners  robert rauchenberg  & the contribution of the beat generation to freedom,  art,  and  culture.


Michael Bowens work as an artist spans several decades and has been progressively documented in exhibitions, reviews, art periodicals, and in the media. He has exhibited in the United States and abroad, has a large following, and his work is housed by groups of private collectors and museums. He is considered one of the foremost core catalysts in avant-guarde art circles throughout the world. He was a youthful member of the abstract/assemblage group in the early fifties in Los Angeles, traveled to the east coast and Europe in the early sixties, and completed four world art tours between 1969 and 1988. Traveling to Japan, Cambodia, and India, he acted as a liaison in bringing together a fusion of eastern and western visual symbology. His etching series has been compared to Chagall, Fuchs, Fini, and Dali; works which comprise over ninety-five different editions in full color. In the mid-seventies, he turned his attention to the world of psychic pheonomenon and allied himself with the PSI Art Group, Ingo Swan, Hechelmann, and Schwertberger. The sensitivy of Michael Bowen's work provided direction and inspiration to the poets and writers of the mid-fifties such as Allen Ginzberg, Michael McClure, and Gary Snyder. His involvement with this movement has been chronicled in a wide spectrum of literary/art publications and established Michael Bowen as an artistic cultural hero. Bowen is currently utilizing new skills such as air brush technique to widen the spectrum of his abilities. He resides in San Francisco, California and the island of Hawaii, in the Hawaiian chain. --Bio (at the Archive of The 10th Annual Digital Be-In)

The Human Be-In developed out of the success of the Love Pageant Rally, the first San Francisco outdoor rock and roll celebration that Allen Cohen and Michael Bowen produced on October 6, 1966, the day LSD became illegal in California. --A New Look at the Summer of Love by Allen Cohen

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