Thank God I am Rich … and do not have to pay Taxes.

Only the wage Slaves in the USA pay taxes.

Tax on Income.  W-2 reported to the IRS.  No way out.

Us Rich folk pay no Tax … except perhaps Property Tax, Sales Tax and Tax on the gasoline that we purchase.

Of course we have to pay a Tax Accountant $600 to file a return that says we owe no Tax to both the Feds and the State of California.

Then there is Nancy Pelosi (The SALT/Bitch Lady) that wants her Rich Friends to be able to deduct their Property and State Taxes from their FED Tax Returns.   Fuck her … She is beyond her sell by Date.  Why do you even want the job Nancy at your age?

Then there is the Elizabeth Warren Lady that wants to tax the rich based on their wealth.  What, I have to send money to the FEDs  every year based on the value of my Picasso (who assesses?) so the US Fed gov can build more aircraft carriers so they can Bomb people in other countries.  Fuck you Elizabeth and Bernie … until you can get the the US Fed gov to spend money on stuff that really helps people – I say you should go straight to Hell.   And by the way Elizabeth and Bernie – can I get a copy of your Tax Returns?

Elizabeth Warren’s net worth amounts to a consensus $8.75 million in 2019, a figure that is based on various financial statements, most notably the release of her federal tax returns — 10 years in total through 2018.

And don’t get me started on Hunter Biden.  What do you think Bernie & Elizabeth about him getting $50K per month while the dad is Obama’s VP?   Now his “Paintings” sell for 1/2 mil to foreign companies and big corps that need help with Gov regulation.  Corruption in Washington?  Why I thought all you politicos were above this and were acting in the public interest.  Give me a Break.  You guys/gals are all in on this.  Do you think the American people are Stupid?   The Democratic & Republican Parties are like the Bloods and the Crips – shaking down Companies and Foreign governments for who can deliver protection.  Perhaps Reagan was right – do we need to drain the swamp?

And to Bernie and Elizabeth  – how come you do not bother answer letters addressed to you?

Your response?  Mr. Bernie and Ms. Elizabeth.  The space here is yours for a reply.

Yours truly,



Elizabeth Warren

2400 JFK Federal Building
15 New Sudbury Street
Boston, MA 02203

Bernie Sanders Net Worth: $3 Million

Bernie Sanders’ Salary  $174 Thousand

Bernie Sanders

332 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510