The Clinton Legacy
Draft #2

Clinton and the Internet - he does not get it.

First President to try and suppress a website. White House official David Lytel successfully put pressure on Hotwired Magazine to stop linking President Clinton's name to the Skeleton Closet - a website with less than flattering information about the president.
Full support of Communications and Decency Act - an attempt to censor the Internet down to gradeschool level See: Clinton vs. the First Amendment By Floyd Abrams, New York Times
Hillary doesn't either - Hillary just doesn't get it - Call for Internet 'gatekeeping' reveals a lack of understanding

Foreign Policy failure after failure
Foreign Policy lacks any coherent vision. Goes from one crisis to the next with poor outcomes. Cuba could have been a success story - but the opportunities were bungled. Warren Christopher was incompetent and Madeleine Albright is downright dangerous. An over reliance on military force and sanctions to accomplish Foreign Policy objectives. Madeleine Albright tries to boss the entire world.
Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky will be forever linked.

"Well, does he think you're going to tell the truth?" Tripp asked.
"No. . . . Oh Jesus," Lewinsky replied. [private meeting]

"I never had sex with that woman"
Clinton = Liar


"Any president that lies to the American people should have to resign." and other Presidential Quotes
Failed to stop the "War on Drugs"

The prison population of the United States is over 1.8 million. We have a per capita prison population nearly 10 times most other industrialized counties. Even cops are turning against the drug war.
Dead Bodies

See: Arkansas Sudden Death Syndrome or The Clinton Body Count

Clinton Books ...
The Twentieth Century : A People's History
by Howard Zinn

Based on the revised 1995 edition of Howard Zinn's landmark alternative history of America, A PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, this revised and updated edition of THE TWENTIETH CENTURY includes a new chapter on Clinton's first term and a new preface.
High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton
by Ann H. Coulter
Bill Clinton pledged to run "the most ethical administration in the history of the republic." In High Crimes and Misdemeanors, conservative lawyer and pundit Ann Coulter finds this promise laughably off the mark. [amazon]

The 42nd President of the United States. Often called "slick Willie" for his seaming ability to get out of jams. The 2nd President to be Impeached - though acquitted by the Senate in a partisan 45-55 (perjury), 50-50 (obstruction of justice) vote. the articles First President to be held in contempt of court. First President to give perjured testimony before a federal grand jury, and in a civil deposition.

Failed to keep campaign promises. The most notable of which were his promise to create a national health insurance program similar to what most Europeans and Canada have and the promise to end discrimination against gays in the military. He backed down to military commanders creating the so called "don't ask, don't tell" policy. National health insurance has been sidelined as an issue with Al Gore now only talking about covering kids and not the 40 million or so adults with no health insurance in the United States.

First President to try and suppress a website. White House official David Lytel successfully put pressure on Hotwired Magazine to stop linking President Clinton's name to the Skeleton Closet - a website with less than flattering information about the president. [See: Yes, Things Suck] Clinton has been unpopular among website authors through his support for the Communications and Decency Act and other measures aimed at censoring the Internet. This shows a lack of understanding of the growing significance of the Internet on public opinion and popular culture and a willingness to go along with the "gatekeeper" control mentality which has governed government propaganda efforts in this century.

Clinton is no friend of Free Speech and Civil Liberties. From his support of Communications and Decency Act to attacks on habeas corpus, harsher treatment of immigrants and the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act Clinton has taken the authoritarian side on most issues involving the rights of citizens. See: - Clinton vs. the First Amendment By Floyd Abrams, New York Times, March 30, 1997

A reliance on military force and sanctions to accomplish Foreign Policy objectives. From Iraq to Yugoslavia, Clinton has preferred to use bombs to "send messages" rather than diplomacy to execute foreign policy. Clinton has consistently ignored the Constitutional requirement that Congress must explicitly approve warmaking actions. A clear Foreign Policy has never been articulated with the administration seeming to go from crisis to crisis in an ad hoc manor. Clinton started his administration with a weak Secretary of State, Warren Christopher and in 1997 replaced him with Madeleine Albright. Madeleine Albright is perhaps best characterized by her famous remark on 60-minutes that it was somehow "worth it" to let half a million Iraqi kids die. The bombing of a medical factory in Sudan is perhaps the best example of the many Foreign Policy blunders of the Clinton Administration.

Cuba is another area where the Clinton Administration has failed. By signing the Helms-Burton Act (described as the dumbest law ever written by the Congress) Clinton effectively tied his hands behind is back in dealing with Cuba. The law is recognized a world class blunder and has become a rallying point for those who resent the unilateral power of the United States. See: Canada Strikes Back
Being Pro-China in a critical political climate. This is an area where Clinton has shown some courage (or perhaps just allegiance to those who have given him money) to stand up to an unholy alliance of groups bent on blaming China for what ails the US. US unions, certain "human rights" groups and a powerful Taiwan lobby have all been pushing to have the US start dictating to China how it should govern itself internally. These groups have tried to enlist help of the Dalai Lama in their crusade to embarrass the Chinese leadership. Trip to China - June 1998

Weak Staff. The Clinton Administration has suffered from a less than competent staff. Janet Reno, Madeleine Albright, Warren Christopher, Ron Brown, Hazel R. O'Leary all come to mind as examples of people second rate in their fields.

A strange number of people surrounding Clinton have turned up dead. Perhaps a coincidence - but left largely uninvestigated by the mass media. See: Arkansas Sudden Death Syndrome

Contempt for the will of the voters. More people in California voted for Proposition 215 (Medical Use of Marijuana) than voted for Clinton in 1996, yet he has continued the hard line "War on Drugs" mentality of the Federal government. While many people have advocated treating drug abuse as a public health issue and realizing that you "cannot arrest you way out of the problem", Clinton has shown no leadership on the issue of drugs. Cars and alcohol kill far more people each year - yet billions are spent on programs to stop drug use. How many more people are in prison for drugs since Clinton took office? The voters are ahead of Clinton on this issue.

Clinton is not even respected by the Washington Establishment. ... there runs an undercurrent of distaste, disdain, even contempt. Last month, the unapologetically establishment journalist R.W. Apple Jr. wrote a piece in GQ about Clinton's place in history. Though he hasn't screwed up in any profound way, Apple contended, Clinton will be remembered as a middling president, at best. No Respect Why the Washington establishment hates Bill Clinton

Weakness may be the underlying theme of the Clinton Administration. Clinton has been unwilling to go to bat for controversial appointments preferring to back off and avoid controversy. When Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders made the suggestion that masturbation was a proper subject in sex education, Clinton asked her to resign. After the Lewinsky scandal and his attempt to justify his lies, just about no one has been willing to believe him. Perhaps most Americans would like Clinton to just go away and never have to hear about him again.

"The chief legacy of Clinton will be the significant erosion of American credibility outside of NATO. I fully expect acts of terrorism to arise from his angering of Russians, Chinese, and Moslems. It is just a shame that this terrorism will target all Americans, and not just the ones that supported Clinton". ... Sudanese factory

"We [I love the Royal We] could give [the surpluses] all back to you and hope you spend it right . . . But if you don't spend it right" Clinton's Fascist vision for America

Bombing the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. The "v-chip" - Waco, Ruby Ridge and Oklahoma City - INS meltdown - Black men in prison - smoking and not inhaling - Whitehouse overnight Guests "spin" more government regulation - "I never had sex with that woman" cigar jokes and the 2nd President in history to be Impeached by the House - First elected President to be impeached! First President to be held in contempt of court! First President to give perjured testimony before a federal grand jury, and in a civil deposition! invented the "politics of personal destruction". "diplomacy by bomb" and a national conversation about oral sex.

"The Ultimate World Terrorist" - People Who Must Die

NATO is being repositioned as a "global zapping force," in Tariq Ali's phrase, marginalizing the UN. The rechristened NATO will keep Western Europe bound to the U.S. in a subordinate role, and with Eastern Europe at a lower level of subordination, giving the U.S. and its allies a military presence right up to the Russian border ... To achieve that vision, people will have to die ...This Kosovo thing, LOB

BBC: A British biologist, Roger Coghill, says he expects the depleted uranium weapons used by U.S. aircraft over Kosovo will cause more than 10,000 fatal cancer cases ....

" overwhelming majority of Greeks want Bill Clinton and Tony Blair indicted for war crimes. "War crimes:" violations include, but not be limited to, murder, ill-treatment ... of civilian population, ... wanton destruction of cities, towns or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity" Are they War Criminals?

To this day, the Review remains one of the few publications in America that recognizes that the Clinton story is not about sex but about mob politics -- the intertwining of corrupt politicians with drug trafficking, other organized crime, rogue intelligence operations, and international espionage.

"the White trash version of John F Kennedy" - the Clinton Haters

The "Unofficial" Bill Clinton- images

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