Clinton's China Trip - June 1998

Clinton at his finest! Clinton is best when he acts human and says what he thinks. It's good to see him risk being unpopular - it will make him a better president. Spare us the boring speeches. President Jiang Zemin also did an excellent job at the news conference. Congratulations to both world leaders.

A major challenge Clinton faces is to keep Americans friendly toward China. There are many in the US who have an agenda of fostering hate toward China. Some want to make China a replacement for the Soviet Union to justify increased defense spending. Union leaders demonize China as a scapegoat for job loses. Christians resent China for not supporting their efforts to convert the world to Christianity. Republicans in congress appear to be looking for an issue with which to differentiate themselves from the Democrats. This is a real challenge for Clinton and I applaud his courage in defending his position ... peace in the world in the 21st century may rest on it.

Those who continue to lecture China about human rights might consider giving some thought to the state of Human Rights in the United States.

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