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HUBRIS, Thy Name Is Blumenthal
Will Blumenthal v Drudge Bring Down Bill Clinton?

Clinton's forces have waged their war with dazzling tactical virtuosity and strategic ineptitude. They have succeeded in smothering each threat as it flares up, but their efforts often either fan the flames of other scandals or themselves ignite new ones.
To continue ... Will Blumenthal v Drudge Bring Down Bill Clinton?

... relate to articles that Sidney Blumenthal wrote, in which he falsely claimed, inter alia, that Ledeen had been declared an undesirable person and prevented from entering Italy. ... Blumenthal has never retracted or apologized. Similarly, the questions about alleged accusations of plagiarism relate to Blumenthal articles.
--Blumenthal v. Drudge: The Ledeen Transcripts

Regarding Sidney Blumenthal: "There's a whole list of actionable falsehoods that Blumenthal has written. He hurt my friend [conservative author and activist] David Horowitz, saying he abandoned his wife and three children. David has four kids and never abandoned them."
--Matt Drudge Takes on the World in Playboy - Excerpts from the August 1998 "Playboy Interview"

Sidney Blumenthal claims executive privilege in refusing to answer questions in the $30 million defamation suit he filed against the DRUDGE REPORT ... said the questions are relevant because "the guy's claiming his reputation was ruined by the Drudge Report. You ask, what kind of reputation did he have to begin with" and "who it was he slimed in the past." Blumenthal also denied spreading negative information about House Judiciary Chairman Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.).
--Washington Post, September 16, 1998

White House Aide Sidney Blumenthal issued an apology Friday for remarks made during his April address at the ARCO forum at the Institute of Politics (IOP). In the speech, Blumenthal called Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's deputy Hickman W. Ewing a "religious fanatic."
--Blumenthal Apologizes After Remark in Harvard Speech

Blumenthal is married to Jacqueline Jordan Blumenthal, the Director of the President's Commission on White House Fellows. They have two children, Max, 19 and Paul, 16

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