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"I never had sex with that woman"

"bill's excite" Newspaper and bus shelter ads. (early 1998)

From Germany

Did he or didn't he? - Jan '98

Rolling Stone - Sex. Power & The Presidency - 10/21/1998, Photo Archive Physiognomy: The Mark Seliger Photographs

Clinton & Stewardess -- '92 Campaign - Clinton's Scrapbook

CLINTON - Monica - Quickies & Funny Photo Album

Clinton Image Gallery at Zipper Gate

Monica Top 100 Sites at

White House Scandal Cartoons

And more from a altavist search

Imperial Pee-Pee

Bill Clinton's Skeleton Closet

HUBRIS, Thy Name Is Blumenthal

Janet "WACO" Reno

Madeleine Albright
"the kid killer"

Clinton Photos / Cartoons at - Goofball Bill Clinton Links

Clinton Liebrary - A satirical counter-balance to the official Presidential Library for Clinton, who supplanted "I cannot tell a lie" with "I did not have woman with that sex."

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