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People tell us what to think on a daily basis. But who questions those at the heart of the spin machines?

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The FBI, "potentially the most dangerous agency in the country if not scrutinized properly." Feared and respected, this agency has had a much-discussed history. Which way will it evolve in the Future? The FBI ... Past, Present & Future

ADL WATCH - The Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai Brith has taken it upon itself to be our "Internet gatekeeper" - but how much should we trust them? Often quoted in the media as an organization fighting against hate, few journalists have the knowledge (or interest?) in reminding readers of their sorted past and/or "pro violence" Foreign policy pronouncements - much less their association with police state type law enforcement.

Enough is Enough - so says The American Jewish Committee. They talk about "hate" crimes and fighting "terrorism". They condemn Iranian "terrorism" but no mention is made of Mossad assassinations. What is their real agenda? They support US bombing in Yugoslavia, Sudan and Iraq. Does the Anti-Defamation League cooperate with Mossad? Where does Jonathan Pollard fit in? Is there a Jewish conspiracy to make US foreign policy captive of Israel?

Southern Poverty Law Center - ...the Center has a history of exploiting sensationalist journalism ... currently the organization talks about tolerance - but are they as tolerant of views that differ from their own? As the media continues to propagate SPLC spin, we thought that a little background about the center might be in order.

Simon Wiesenthal Center - their state supported "Museum of Tolerance" brings up questions about the separation of Church and state. Then there is the history of their attempts to try and intimidate ISPs into acting as Internet censors. Perhaps they have only noble intentions, but are still worth watching.

AOL - America Online - from child pornography to shady business practices, AOL has earned a less than stellar reputation. A forum for user comments.

Burger King and Macdonald's. Forums initially created to question deceptive burger ads - they have grown into a place for general complaints - both by customers and employees alike. One wonders if management even knows what is going on.

CompUSA - Claims to be a "Computer Superstore" - but what do the customers think? From a forum that was started when CompUSA would not accept the return of a defective $20 mouse, it has developed into an online complaint department - complete with comments from many who work for the company. Does management have a clue?

One of the good things about the Internet is the diversity of viewpoints available. Labeled by Hillary Clinton as the "gatekeeper problem" - the lack of a gatekeeper is perhaps one of the great strengths of the Internet. No longer are only the "official positions" of government officials the only information available. While this is undoubtedly uncomfortable to many in power (including mass media pundits), it does provide the possibility of an informed citizenry. Here are some useful places to start ...

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