zpub Projects ...

Public transit has the potential to move people efficiently and has the added value of creating public space. Dave Snyder in his efforts to create a new SF MUNI riders organization inspired me to take a renewed interest in our FixMUNI page at. www.zpub.com/fixmuni
My first love. History of the city. I am facinated with what can be done online with history in the city. I watch with interest what the people at the San Francisco Museum & Historical Society are doing as well as the Encyclopedia of San Francisco. There are a lot of sites relating to SF history. Our collection along with our own additions is here: www.zpub.com/sf/history
We are now serious about creating a local currency for San Francisco and have reserved the domain name NortonDollars.com The people at berkshares.org seem to know what they are doing. Wouldn't it would be fun for San Francisco to have it's own currency? Anyone with an interest is encouraged to contact us and join our email list.
The Zakāt Project
One of the 7 pillars of Islam - the idea that people with enough wealth should feel obliged to give away a certain percentage of their wealth each year. It would be interesting to study how Zakât is practiced in different regions of the world. Here is our start: www.zpub.com/aaa/zakat.html The concept inspired me to help the Graphic Arts Workshop in San Francisco.

Other projects that we have done over the years - some may look a little tired as we are no longer actively supporting changes to the pages.
"Unofficial" People An experiment to see what works in Google.
I like the idea of Public Art - but find it sad that so much of it is pretty bad. Seems to be more about politics and who people are friends with than the quality of the art.
z Watch A gallery of media spinners
Anarchist Action Network When the New York Times published a story calling the Internet "a utopia for all kinds of hate groups, from neo-Nazis to anarchists" we realized that it might be time to create a page for the Anarchist Anti-Defamation League.
Bill Clinton Meets The Shrinks A psychological study by Paul Lowinger

Hate: Who decides? - guns & progressives
Terrorist Training Camp - Fort Benning, Georgia

Wanted A takeoff on the FBI Wanted pages. People in high places do things that result in real people getting killed - but are rarely held accountable. The video at Collateral Murder (www.collateralmurder.com) provided the motivatation for the creation of: www.zpub.com/murder/