Unofficial pages for ...


Bill Gates
- founder of Microsoft

Pope John Paul II
- Pope of the Roman Catholic Church

The Dalai Lama
- 14th Dalai Lama

To Watch


John Ashcroft
- Attorney General

Wesley Clark
- former NATO commander

Barry McCaffrey
- former general and Clinton "drug czar"

Ariel Sharon
- Israeli Prime Minister

Dianne Feinstein
- U.S. Senator from California

Hillary Rodham Clinton
- wife of Bill Clinton

Larry Ellison
- head of Oracle

Scott Harshbarger
- DA in the Amirault case

Henry Kissinger
- former US Secretary of State

Tony Blair
- British Prime Minister

San Francisco ...


Willie Brown - mayor of San Francisco

Amos Brown
- minister and former San Francisco supervisor

Kimiko Burton
- former San Francisco Public Defender

Warren Hinckle
- San Francisco newspaper columnist



Ansel Adams
[1902-1984] - photographer

Bill Clinton
- the 42nd President of the United States

J. Edgar Hoover
- Director of the FBI 1924-1972

Louis Freeh
- FBI Director 1993-2001

William Randolph Hearst
[1863-1951] - newspaper publisher

William Cohen
- US Secretary of Defense 1997-2001

Madeleine Albright
- Secretary of State in the Clinton administration

Janet Reno
- Attorney General in the Clinton administration

William Burroughs
- [1914-1997]

Bertrand Russell
- [1872-1970] - writer and philosopher