Gas Prices Up & Up … Where does it go from Here?  

World Gas Prices

Where does it go from Here?

Biden … Any answers?  You seem not even to be able to do a Press Conference and are barely able to read a Tela Prompter – and certainly are not up to answering questions from Live reporters in a room.  At least Trump could do that.

We are a long way from the age of Lincoln where Presidents were expected to be intelligent speakers and not senile.

Memo To The American Security Services and the American People

The Blood is on your hands.  Your push to expand NATO close to Russia is now bearing fruit – you have pushed Putins hand.  And real people are being killed.  You did not learn your lesson in the 20 year Afghanistan War where you used drones to kill wedding parties while enriching the corrupt government you propped up in Afghanistan.  And spent US taxpayer dollars to pay for lot of fancy condos in Dubai.

I am old enough to remember the Vietnam War (In Vietnam they call in the American War).  The US gov has still not cleaned up the toxic waste from Agent Orange.

I was young then … a college student at UCSB in Isla Vista and still remember the National Guard coming down Del Playa.  They even fucking killed an non protester on the steps of a retail establishment.  It’s when I lost All faith is in the goodness of the Federal Government of the United States of America.

And now after 20 years war in Afghanistan – and 8 Trillion in Taxpayer dollars – you do not confront your failures.

Even Obama got a “Nobel Peace Prize” for increasing the troop level in Afghanistan to 100K.   Now the 20K NSS folks in Washington paid for by the Fed Gov are busy preparing for a War with China.  I say Fuck you all.  I certainly do not want to pay taxes to pay for it all.  And the politicians from both Parties line their pockets and wonder why the American people are cynical about “their” government.

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He Goes to Moscow – But Absolutely Not to Ramallah

Israeli Prime Minister
Naftali Bennet
Undertook to mediate
In the war between
Russia and Ukraine. 
“The chances
For success are slim”
Bennet said upon
His return from Moscow,
“But if there is
Even the slightest chance
Of saving human lives,
Then it is
Our moral duty.”
Naftali Bennet feels
No moral duty
To make
A diplomatic effort
Towards ending
The bloody conflict
With the Palestinians
In which
The state he heads
Is mired. 
Bennet flew
To Moscow,
But under
No circumstances
Will he
Travel to Ramallah.
On the day
That Bennet
Returned from
His mediation mission,
Israeli police and soldiers
Killed two
Palestinian youths,
One aged 19,
The other aged 16.
The media
Reported briefly:
“Two more terrorists
Have been eliminated!”
The same as last week
And as next week.
Gush Shalom Statement, March 8, 2022
Contact: Adam Keller +972-(0)54-2340749
Jerusalem police arresting a Palestinian youth during celebrations of the Prophet Mohammad’s Ascension at Damascus Gate,, Monday, February 28, 2022

The Killing Goes on!

February 27 – March 5, 2022 –

This week in the Occupied Territories.

Report by the Taayush activists.

Israeli soldiers shot to death Amar Shafiq Abu ‘Afifa, a 19-year-old student from Al Arub refugee camp who was taking a walk in the countryside; Jerusalem police dispersed with blows, stun grenades and water cannons Muslim families celebrating at the Damascus Gate, wounding a deaf girl; A Jewish terrorist’s dog bit a Palestinian in Widada village in the presence of soldiers – the next day, soldiers escorting the same terrorist fired a stun grenade at a Palestinian dog barking at them; Sheikh Jarrah’s evictions of Palestinian families were halted by the Supreme Court; Occupation forces shot to death two young men in the Jenin refugee camp – one was 18-year-old Shadi Najem, unarmed and on his way home; In Hebron, soldiers fired a rubber-coated bullet at close range at a journalist, wounding him in the hand, and live fire at a 13-year old boy who was gravely wounded along with two other boys – 14 and 15 years old – during a protest against expansion of the army post in Shuhada Street; New construction documented in several colonist outposts in the Palestinian Jordan Valley; Attacks, arrests and wounding of Palestinian shepherds in the South Hebron Hills by occupation forces doing the colonists’ bidding; Yeshiva students from ‘Mevo’ot Yericho’ harassed Palestinian shepherdesses and activists who accompanied them, cursing them and calling them ‘whores’

South Hebron Hills

Update from last Saturday, February 26: two Palestinians were attacked in their car at a checkpoint put up by outpost terrorists at the entrance to Bir Al Eid. The terrorists threw stones at the car and wounded the two Palestinians, who managed to get away and reach hospital for treatment.

ON Sunday, February 2, colonists from the new ranch-outpost near ‘Meitarim’ flew a drone above Palestinian flocks near Zanouta. The next day, Monday, they invaded tended village fields with their flocks. On Wednesday they returned to the tended fields and were removed by police summoned there by activists. On Saturday, soldiers and DCO personnel escorted a colonist who tried to chase away Zanouta shepherds falsely claiming the land was his. The soldiers threatened the shepherds and hurled a stun grenade at a dog that barked at them.

On the day before, Friday afternoon, March 4, the same terrorists from the colonist outpost ‘Meitarim’ attacked shepherds from Widada village, flew a drone over their flocks and chased the shepherds all the way to the village houses, escorted by soldiers. The terrorist’s dog bit one of the Palestinian inhabitants, and the occupation soldiers, in response – detained two of the Palestinian villagers.

The soldiers in charge of escorting Touba schoolchildren prevented access of activists to their meeting point with the children on their way to school at Tawane and backon Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday – either by issuing a ‘closed military zone’ order or without this. They also arrived late to the appointed meeting point , and threatened to cease the escort which they are ordered to carry out by ruling of a Knesset committee.

On Monday, February 28, the occupation army escorted colonists who came to remove Palestinian shepherds from their grazing grounds opposite the cowshed of colonies ‘Carmel’ and ‘Maon’. The soldiers threw stun and teargas grenades at the shepherds, one of whom was wounded and taken to hospital.

The next day, Tuesday, a military force joined the security official of colonist outpost ‘Avibail’ and at his bidding, detained a Palestinian surveyor near Saroura, on false grounds of throwing stones. The surveyor was released without charges.

Eviction orders were issued on Wednesday for two tended fields of the Khalat A Daba community, with the excuse of ‘invading state land’.

On Thursday, March 3, colonists with a truck and construction materials invaded privately owned Palestinian lands officially closed to Israelis in Palestinian Susya. The police was summoned. On Saturday, about ten colonists entered the village itself and scared the villagers.

A colonist and his flock invaded Palestinian-tended fields officially out of bounds to Israelis in Harouba, near Tawane, on Thursday. On Saturday, too, terrorists from ‘Havat Maon’ with their flocks invaded Tawane lands and uprooted recently planted tree saplings.

On Saturday, activists accompanied unhampered the landowner at Umm Al Arais as well as grazing around Zanouta and Bir Al Eid. However, activists escorting flocks and shepherds near Shweiki were attacked by the violent colonist from ‘Meitarim’ outpost and his friends from ‘Eshtamo’a’ colony, while ‘Mitzpe Yair’ terrorists spent their Sabbath throwing stones at a Palestinian shepherd, his flock and activists accompanying them in Atariya. That day, Saturday, colonists tried to scare away shepherds in Umm Lasefa, but youths from the village came out and kept them away.

The Hebron police is holding in custody a camera grabbed from an activist during a raid on Tawane last week, and announced opening an investigation of the activist without stating any allegations against him.

To join Ta’ayush in The South Hebron Hills this Saturday call  055-2770168

Please make an effort to register no later than Thursday evening. Please bring an ID/passport, a hat, water and food for the day. It is advised to take into consideration cultural differences in the choice of clothing.

Palestinian Jordan Valley and the West Bank Hill Range

This week, illegal construction was documented in the illegal outposts near Hamra and the colony of ‘Mekhora’, where a Palestinian shepherd family had already been expelled. Such construction was also documented near the colony ‘Gitit’, all in the Palestinian Jordan Valley. A new colonist outpost was erected on Thursday, March 3, in En Al Hilwa, on land previously declared a nature reserve. Activists documented this and notified the police and the army’s hotline in the area. The outpost was removed the next day.

This week, too, the Jericho DCO war-room continued to block phone calls made by activists calling to warn of colonist violence and invasions.

In Hamra, the occupation army tried to limit Palestinian grazing on Wednesday. On Friday it chased away the shepherds and their flocks, sending out a policeman to do the bidding of the violent colonist from the nearby outpost, while on Saturday the colonist himself chased the flocks away by flying a drone over them.

In Khalat Makhoul, a colonist followed a shepherd and his accompaniers on Tuesday, March 1, harassing them with curses and threats.

On Wednesday, the army arrested five Palestinians near Tyassir, who were ‘detained’ by colonists while picking ka’oub plants – no longer outlawed.

In the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley and West Bank Hill Range, on Tuesday, activists documented the invasion by colonists and a flock from ‘Ma’ale Ahuviya’ into privately owned Palestinian fields in Deir Jarayer, and a policeman was summoned. The next day, Wednesday, the flock and colonists returned to invade Palestinian-tended fields in the area.

In the southern Palestinian Jordan Valleh, near Auja, a colonist attempt to place a structure on Waqf-owned land was documented on Tuesday, March 1. The police refused to deal with it, and activists trying to summon the authorities discovered that their phones had been blocked by the Jericho war-room.  The army issued a ‘closed military zone’ to activitst. but prevented the transfer of the structure into the Waqf land. The next day, Wednesday, also near Auja, three Yeshiva students from ‘Mevo’ot Yericho’ harassed Palestinian shepherdesses and activists who accompanied them,  calling them ‘whores’, cursing and threatening them. The police were summoned, came after an hour and did nothing. To finish off the good work, the Yeshiva boys blocked the activists’ way with stones.

To join activity in the Jordan Valley, please contact Arik: 050-5607034


On Monday, February 28, when thousands of Muslims, including many families and children, participated in a march at the Damascus Gate to honor Prophet Mohammad’s ascension, the Jerusalem police dispersed demonstrators there with fierce violence, firing a water cannon and stun grenades. 36 people were lightly injured. An 11-year-old deaf girl was hurt by a stun grenade wounding her neck and face and taken to Hadassah Hospital. Another girl was violently arrested by 4 policemen and beaten with clubs.

That day, Monday, dozens of Jabal Mukabar inhabitants demonstrated for the fourth time in front of the Jerusalem municipality, demanding to cease the extended demolitions planned for their neighborhood.

On Tuesday, March 1, the Israel Supreme Court – its two judges versus a one-man minority, colonist judge Noam Solberg – accepted the appeal of families threatened with eviction from Sheikh Jarrah by colonist associations, and ruled that they will remain in their houses, paying reduced rent, until the proper ownership claims of the land there be sorted.

On Wednesday evening, about 100 right-wing Jewish demonstrators arrived at the Sheikh Jarah neighborhood to protest the ‘abandoned security of Jews’ there. Kahanist MK Itamar Ben Gvir participated, escorted by three security officials on behalf of the Knesset.

The weekly protest in Sheikh Jarrah takes place every Friday. We will meet at the Sheikh Jarrah Garden, Nablus Road and Dahlmann St. at 3 p.m

Jerusalem Demolitions

Jabal Mukabar – one structure on Monday

Hizma – 5 structures on Wednesday

Beit Hanina – on Wednesday, the occupation forces demolished a commercial building in the neighborhood. The owner’s family suffered violece at the hands of the police and a young Palestinian was arrested.

Throughout the West Bank

On the night of Tuesday, March 1, an Israeli military force went on an arrest raid in Jenin refugee camp, killing 22-year-old Abdallah Al Huseri and 18-year-old Shadi Najem, who according to eye-witnesses was unarmed and on his way home.

The same day, soldiers fired a bullet at the head of 19-year-old Amar Shafiq Abu Afifa, a student from the Al Aroub refugee camp, who was taking a walk with his friend in the countryside near Beit Fajar (Bethlehem district). The Israeli army did not supply any motive for the shooting, and even admitted that the young men presented no threat.

In Hebron on Tuesday dozens of Palestinian students and teachers were hurt by barrages of teargas which the occupation army fired into 3 schools in town. On Wednesday, a soldier fired a rubber-coated bullet at close range at a group of journalists documenting clashes in the city, and wounded a Palestinian journalist and photographer in his hand. On Friday, during protests against expanding the army’s post in the Bab A-Zawiya neighborhood and the Shuhada Street, the occupation soldiers shot a 13-year-old boy and seriously wounded him. Two boys, 14 and 15-years-old, and a 21-year-old young man were wounded as well, and dozens hurt by inhaling teargas.

On Wednesday, villagers of A-Sakaka (Salfit district) discovered that during the night Judeo-Nazis had punctured the tires of 11 vehicles in the village and sprayed hate graffiti. In nearby Yasouf village, colonists uprooted 45 olive trees.

Occupation soldiers prevented girls from reaching their school in the town of Louban A-Sharqiah (Nablus district) on Wednesday.


According to the Center for Defense of the Individual, as of March 2022 Israel is holding 4,270 Palestinians in ‘security’ custody, of them 470 administrative detainees, incarcerated without trial.

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