Speaking About War Crimes …

United States war crimes

Why is it that the US media establishment gives a free pass to the US gov for the 2 million Vietnamese Killed in what they call the American War.   Were the “interventions” in Afghanistan & Iraq a success?  Why is the George Bush kid still a free man now making paintings of the US citizens he got killed doing the work of the USofA gov in Iraq?

Obviously putting him in jail (or even lynching him) would not bring back the lives lost.  Was Bush a great statesman bringing Democracy to Iraq?  At least he was not the fuckup of the 50% Black guy in the White House that put 100K US soldiers into Afghanistan.  What was he thinking?

I am not a fan of our current puppet President, Mr. Biden (and his so called “First Lady” Doctor Jill – who to my knowledge has never done a heart transplant or even made house calls – but at least he had the balls to end the 20 year US gov “intervention” in Afghanistan. 

Even the Oprah Winfrey Lady thought Doctor Jill Biden was a “Real” doctor.   The official Whitehouse website still refers to her as Doctor Jill Biden.

Get real, you folks in the Washington DC/media establishment.  Fuck, the head of the NewYorkTimes makes a cool 2mil per year … Do you reporters get that?  I say go on strike and demand at least $1mil per year.  The rich get richer while the wage slaves barely get by.   What is wrong with this world?   Obviously this is beyond my pay grade.

Anyway, Hope you enjoy the Moon and all the nice people that inhabit this earth.

Over and out – Bob

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5/16/2002 Press Update.

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