• I would vote for Tulsi Gabbard as The First Woman President of the United States.  tulsigabbard.com
  • Jeff B and Amazon are great! … redefining retail and what it means to serve customers. 
    Walmart 2 weeks, amazon next day.
  • Wayfair.com is also a quality source of furniture and more.
  • A submission from Marcie Young (Tolleson, AZ) . Top 8 Reasons More Women Should Have Gun Ownership . A Woman’s Opinion

From CM … Rich Lowry: San Francisco becomes the shoplifting capital of the USA . 
Oh well … What are you going to do about it  Ms. Nancy Pelosi /Diane Feinstein/ Mayor London Breed/DA Chesa Boudin/ SF Police Chief William “Bill” Scott?

  • I am against the Gov(state/local/Feds) killing people (i.e. Death Penalty) because I do not trust the system. Too many innocent people serving time for stuff they did not do.  See: The Innocence Project

But if you see someone breaking into your car (or trying to steal it) and you have access to a gun and know how to use it and have a clean shot –  I say shoot the motherfucker.  What about the guy that was just recently killed in Oakland California while trying to help a women not get her car stolen?

  • There are people in our society that only want criminals to have access to guns… You know who you are. 
    And to SF Mayor Breed/Governor Newsom/P46/P44/Nancy P … you all have Armed guards protecting you at taxpayer expense. What about the rest of us?
  • And Last but not least, No Gov (city/state/Fed Gov) should ever make laws telling a Women what she should do with her Body, Period! 
  • And Fuck all the Fascists that want to tell other people what to do.  And this is from an Emma Goldman Anarchist.


  • Memo to Bernie S: Do you really think the US Gov spends its money wisely? 
    The Afgan War … Was that a good investment of US taxpayer dollars? 
    How much Fed gov do we really want/need?
  • And then there is Nancy P – Who only seems to care about her SALT friends who want to deduct ALL their state and Local taxes off their US Fed Gov Taxes.  Message to N Pelosi:  You are Old … Time to retire. You are Beyond Your Sell by Date.  Nancy Pelosi Buys a $25 Million Mansion in Florida . Real or false?