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San Francisco Recalls 3 Members Of City’s School Board

Nancy Pelosi spent almost $500K on private jets despite climate preaching

1/11/2022 – Memo to P46/Biden handlers:  You are doing a great job.  Out of Afghanistan Great.  Resolving Guantanamo – another win that neither P44( Obama) or P45 (Trump) had the guts to do.  Shame on you P44/P45.  And then there is the issue of Woodrow Wilson (P28) – removing Black folks from the Federal Government.  Segregating the federal bureaucracy

Barack H. Obama (P44) gets the The Nobel Peace Prize for 2009.
A new book on the 2012 presidential campaign claims that President Barack Obama told aides that he is “really good at killing people.”

  • Memo to the Nobel Peace Prize Folks: Why exactly did you award your 2009 Peace Prize to P44?  What do you think about it now? Any regrets? . Love to get a reply.
  • Memo To: P42/P43/P44 and Rudy Giuliani – you all know what happened to building 7 on 911 – – when are you going to come clean and tell us what really happened?
  • Special Note to P43/P44: How were all those flights (and island visits) with Jeffrey Epstein?  The Full Extent of Jeffrey Epstein’s Crimes Are Slowly Being Revealed

Some in San Francisco want to recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin… Saying that he is not doing a good job of dealing appropriately with those who commit crimes in the City .  Boudin has been accused of regularly handing down lenient sentences, releasing criminals early only to commit further crimes. You have blood on your hands Mr. Boudin. My issue with you Mr. Boudin is that you take no responsibility for YOUR ROLE in the deaths of 2 Asian Women – 27-year-old Hanako Abe and 60-year-old Elizabeth Platt. Article About

Thank God for Trump – at least he stopped the Bill/Hillary Clinton political Dynasty and kept us from having Hillary declared “The First Woman President”.  God Bless Trump for saving us from more of the Clintons/Epsteins.

  • Now to P44 … Did you realize P44 when you insulted Trump at the Reporters dinner that he would follow you and actually become P45? And what about going from 20K troops in Afghanistan to 100K? Do you as Commander In Chief still think that was a good idea? Do you ever reflect on the possibility that you possibly messed up Big Time and a lot of people died as a result? At least P46 had the Guts to finally end it.
  • Hunter Biden (son of VP44/P46) gets $80K/month from a Ukrainian oil Company while VP44 is running the Ukrainian account for P44. Did P44 know about this?  Nothing illegal here … but it smells like flat out bribery to me. Even Zuck the Fuck covered it up! Why did the the folks at The NYTimes not cover?  Who is now buying Hunter Biden Art?  Foreign Governments and Large Corporations?  Again … nothing illegal here … but again to The NYTimes: Do you have the Guts to cover?  Looks like The NYTimes has become All the News that the NSS wants you to know.
  • Rachel Maddow – Adam Schiff – Random House … A match made in Hell. 
    Contact info: Madeline McIntosh CEO Penguin Random House 1745 Broadway New York, NY 10019
  • 12/15/2021 … Actor Jussie Smollett, guilty verdict. Who else is guilty that will not go to trial?  You know who you are. That goes for you, Ms wife of P44 – Michael Obama – who I hear is chipping in on Smollett’s legal fees (True or False Michael? – let me know. “Fact Checkers” – do your Fucking job)   I hear that most Black folks instantly knew he was lying. I say to the City of Chicago – get every last dime of city expenses you put into investigating Jussie’s “true” story.
  • Most of my “liberal” friends don’t like me talking about Hunter and how he is cashing in on his father’s various positions – going from $80K per month on the board of a Ukrainian oil company while father is VP44 to now being a “famous” artist selling his “paintings” for up to 1/2 mill each – mostly to foreign governments and large corps. Most just wish they were on the Biden family gravy train.  Nothing to see here NYTimes.
  • And Don’t get me started about Nancy P and her SALT fetish – who apparently the head of the teacher’s union, Randi Weingarten, now also now supports giving tax breaks to the very wealthy.  Where are you on this issue BernieS/ElisabethW?  Bernie seems to agree … Where are you on this Elisabeth?  Should the wealthy be able to deduct their local/state taxes from their Fed Taxes?  Waiting for an answer Elisabeth W  – mailed you a request for reply … will you answer?