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Top 8 Reasons More Women Should Have Gun Ownership

More women are becoming gun owners, and this is an exciting turn of events to see in this world. Over half of gun purchases came from women in the past couple of years, and we don’t expect this number to slow down any time soon. Not only are women buying guns, but they’re learning more about them, from their parts to how to clean them

Why is this happening? Well, the past year has certainly made people want to order more guns. We can’t argue with that. In addition, women are learning to fight back against men who may have bad intentions with them. There are a lot of reasons. As a gun owner myself, I have my list of why each woman in America should own a gun. Here’s why.

For Their Safety

The most obvious reason why women should own guns is their safety. As women, most of us tend to be physically smaller than our male counterparts. However, we can even the odds with a bullet or two.

Let’s illustrate this point further. One-third of women will be a victim of violence in some way. So even if you haven’t been the victim yet, there’s a good chance that it may happen to you or someone close to you.
As someone who is only 5 feet, 3 inches, and living in one of the most dangerous places in Arizona, a gun helps protect my safety. I cannot fight back physically against a person who towers over me.

When armed, you can fight back. At home. While in an alley at night. Or, in any other situation, all it takes is one gun for you to go from a victim to empowered.

Because We’re Better Shooters

So, what happens if a man has a gun? Don’t you worry. Us women are better shooters.

Women tend to be better shooters due to their ability to listen to instructions better. News flash: shooting is more complex than you think. There are many factors, including the type of gun, the target’s height, the list goes on. Some men tend to nod their heads when instructed by a professional, while women listen more. So, if there’s a situation where there’s a gunfight, the man better beware of us.

The Crime Rate is High

If you reside in a city with a low crime rate, maybe I can understand why you would be pushing gun control. Listen, I’m a person who was the victim of a horrible crime.  Owning a gun has allowed me to live a normal life in an area that’s anything but.

A crime-ridden area tends to be poverty-ridden, and many people who live in these areas can’t afford to be the victim of a robbery. In many cases, the robber may take your life as well. However, with a gun, which can be inexpensive to own, you can even the odds.

Plus, the crime rate is not going down by gun violence, as shown by this graph. By owning a gun, I may stand a chance against an assailant.

Source: • Homicides by firearm in the U.S. 2020 | Statista

Because The Courts Sometimes Won’t Give You Justice

Look, I love our justice system, but there are times when the bad guys slip through the cracks. A woman has a one in six chance of being a victim of sexual assault.

Once again, think about that. You probably know someone who was the victim of a sexual assault. Unfortunately, two-thirds of rapists get away with their crimes. While I understand it’s hard to prove, many women don’t get the justice they deserve.

Which is why more of us are arming ourselves. If a man tries to assault us sexually, we don’t dial 911. Instead, we defend ourselves. No exceptions.

You Never Know When A Loved One Won’t Be There for You

The following reason piggybacks a bit on the last paragraph but instead focuses on our partners. Look, you may have a loving, strong man protecting you. But he may not be there all the time. Sometimes, it may be because you’re left alone. Other times, it may be because you ended the relationship.

When this happens, you may feel vulnerable. However, a gun can distinguish between feeling like you don’t have protection and feeling like you do.

With a gun, you may realize you don’t need protection from anyone else and can do it alone. This feeling is quite liberating. Trust me on that.

It’s a Stress Reliever

As women, we are 50% more stressed than men. While stress is a part of life, being too stressed can lead to many health problems. You can’t sleep, you can’t get stuff done, you feel weak.

Luckily, guns are a good stress reliever. Particularly in regards to a gun range. Think about it. You go to a range, shoot some targets, and you feel that adrenaline. Think of that target as all your frustrations. Then picture you taking out your frustrations, literally.

Not only is a shooting range a good stress reliever, but it can be a fun hobby and an excellent way to practice your aim.

It Can Be a Bonding Activity

Besides helping you relieve stress, shooting guns can be a fun way to bond with your spouse, your children, or just with your friends. You can teach each other tips on shooting guns, and it just feels fantastic to shoot them with someone you love.

Have no friends? The community around guns is amazing. You can make many different friends if you stick around. Trust me on that one. After advocating for firearms, I’ve made many friends and connections that I would have never made otherwise.

Because We Can

Finally, the reason more women should own guns is that they can. Our second amendment rights grant us the right to bear arms. Think of our rights as muscles. If you exercise them, they stay firm. Meanwhile, if you ignore them, they can fade.

As a woman, you have a right to own a firearm to help you take control of your life. When I first had my gun, I felt intense pride being an American and being in a place where I can own a gun.

And those are my top 8 reasons. What are your reasons? How did owning a gun change your life? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Authored by Marice Young

Author Bio

Mom, wife, and pro-guns writer. I live in Tolleson, AZ where the crime rate has been higher than almost 99% of American cities. A horrible personal experience made me realize the importance of gun ownership and self-defense.