Memo To:  Shamann Walton, District 10 Supervisor


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Memo To:  Shamann Walton, District 10 Supervisor

I do not always agree with you on the issues – but you certainly have assembled a great Staff and think you genuinely care about the people in the Bayview.  The 4 way stop @ Lane & Underwood seems to be working.

Subscribe to his email list – even if you are not in his district.

Think you were Wrong about the School Board – they were not doing their job of educating kids.  Putting a priority on Renaming Schools and covering up Art – but not teaching kids to read and write … What is wrong with this picture?

Apparently more than 70% of San Francisco voters agree and voted to recall 3 School Board Members.  The vote stripped the members, Alison Collins, Gabriela López (school board President) and Faauuga Moliga, of their positions on the seven-person board.

Bob in the Bayview.

District 10 Supervisor Shamann Walton  | Room 282 Office Line: 415.554.7670 | General Email:
1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Place, San Francisco, California, 94102

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