Memo to The New York Times Owners: 

Je Acuse:  You Rich Bastards send your Kids to private Schools, vacation in the Hamptons and pay your Employees (wage Slaves) a fraction of what you pay yourselves.  You want Public Schools to teach (indoctrinate) white Kids that they should somehow feel guilty about the institution of Slavery.  Hell – The Roman Empire was built by Slaves (and they were not Black ones!).  You want to indoctrinate Black kids to the idea that the way to get ahead in society is to play the Race Card.  Own your own Shit NYTimes management …  Do you pay your writers $2mil a year?   I understand the media World is a Changing and to stay in business you need to figure out new ways to being in Cash … but at least be Honest broker of information.  Your customer service is Crap.

Where was your moral compass when the US Gov was killing civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan? When the Bombs came from the USA, must be Good … When from Russia Bad.  You have Blood on Your Hands. 

  1. To NYTimes Senior Management:  Could you do an honest Review about how your “News Paper of Record” has handled Black/Negro issues over the Last 100 Years.  Do you have the Guts Mr. AJS?  What about you Mr. Dean Baquet and Ms. Meredith Kopit Levien?  Will you reply to USPS mail?  We shall see.  Ball is in your court, NYTimes Senior Management.
  2. Get your act together and deliver the Paper on time – Last Sunday (10/25/2021) – No NYTimes delivery – no communication.  Not even a we are sorry email. No human that even answers the phone when there is no delivery.  Memo to whoever is the running place: (Looking at you Mr. AGS) Get some competent people on your staff and improve your customer service/interface.  Your phone interface sucks.
  3. About your 1619 Projectdo you really want Black kids for next 100 years to believe they are victims and have no agency about their lives?  And are you, NYTimes willing to do a through accounting of how The New York Times has been covering Blacks/Negros for the Last 100 years … love the read the report/Book.  
  4. Advice: Get some reporters/writers that can actually THINK for themselves! Ben Smith is one – but you need more like him.  Looks like Dave Philipps and Eric Schmitt hit a home run today (11/14/2021) with an article about the US Military doing War Crimes in Syria killing 70+ innocent humans and covering it up.  Even the NSS folks were upset. Good going Dave and Eric.
  5. Black Lives Matter?  Only if a White cop kills a Black person.  Does not seem to matter if a Black Person kills another Black personThe NYTimes and the rest of the Media Establishment seems intent on pushing the narrative that Blacks are mostly only being killed by White Cops. Fake News NYTimes. What about the White Australian Lady that was killed by a Black Cop?  No protests, nothing to see here. 
  6. Good that you have regular pieces by John McWhorter.  There are a lot of smart Black writers out there that are not into the Black Victimhood Adjenda.
  7. Suggestion re contributions to the CO2 in the atmosphere – Do some investigative articles about the carbon footprint of the Big people – like Nancy Pelosi, the US Military and even the NYTimesWhat was the carbon footprint of the Glasgow Conference?  Just curious with all those private jets flying in. 
  8. We are unable to respond to account and subscription questions via mail. Why not AGS/DB/MKL? The best way to contact Customer Care is by phone or chat.  What is Wrong with USPS mail?  Your Phone interface is crap NYTimes – have not tried the “Chat” interface.
  9. Get your act together NYTimes – The WSJ generally has better writing – but the NYTimes does have some great Writers.  Keep up the idea of Quality of your Brand.  I am sure it is a lot of work to put out a Paper every day.  

Bottom Line – No One Should Blindly Trust what is Printed in the New York Times (or any paper for that matter).

Publisher:  A.G. Sulzberger . Pay $$2,075,310 (source) born 1980  Are you willing to disclose your IRS Tax filings Mr. AGS?  Just Curious.  What about you DB and MKL?  Is your pay disclosed?  

New York Times Company, 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018.

Mr. Dean Baquet and Ms. Meredith Kopit Levien – Senior Management of the NYTimes.

If you send anything to AGS/DB/orMKL by USPS Postal mail, Please cc Bob, PO Box 24239, SF, CA 94124 or email to

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update 4/3/22  By Bob B